&B/Soul singer, songwriter and record producer Jasën Blu returns with his customary beloved and newly polished sonic smoothness on this totally unexpected remix of Ezi Emela’s song, “Think To Lose You” for the first time since his own single “Already” in 2017. While two years is, in this era, a mighty long time to be away from any part of the scenes in entertainment, Blu compensates for it with the announcement of the completion of his debut album, titled “Soulwave”, which he said to have silently worked on for the better part of 2018.

“This remix [to Ezi Emela’s “Think To Lose You”] is one of the other songs I recorded while completing post-production and mixing on Soulwave”, says Blu. “I saw the “Think To Lose You” music video on MTV Base one evening towards the end of last year (2018), that was the very first time I ever heard of her, and I completely fell in love with the song. Then I looked her up on Twitter shortly after and suggested that I do a remix. But after I did the song, it took quite a while before I could get hold of her team for formal permission to put it out. She’s got this alluring vibe to her vocals that I like and I really hope I can get her in the studio for a real duet soon.”

With the announcement of his debut album which he projects to hit the stores sometime mid-year 2019, we just might be in for a new re-energized era of Nigerian R&B/Soul music, the space of which had previously been filled by greats like Banky W, Darey Art-Alade and, in further retrospect, the much-missed Styl-Plus. And judging by Jasën Blu’s previous single, “Already” and this new twist to Emela’s super-sensual record, a new season of R&B/Soul in Nigerian music mainstream is certainly a welcome development and we excitedly look forward to it.”


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