Oguntade Oluwatosin Tofunmi aka Jaybreeze is fondly called “shutdown King” and for good reason too. A dull performance or gathering instantly becomes energetic when he picks up the Mic. The entire stadium at the “Global Citizen Festival Concert” in South Africa can attest to the shock wave they felt during his performance with afropop diva, Tiwa Savage. Once honing his craft in pubs Lagos, Jazbreeze is a global now a presence.

How is the journey as hype man going?

The journey as been fulfilling, beyond what I ever thought it will look like. I have been to places and met some influential people in my industry that I never expected. So I’m grateful to God.

Why did you go into music at first?

Music started for me as a kid, I used to play the drums for churches at age 8, so I’ve always been a freak. My dad used to feed me with Fela, Micheal Jackson, Lionel Richie, Sunny Ade, Orlando ooh, Kwam 1 and the likes, so music as always been my head.

Professionally I developed the passion for singing during MO’ Hits Era, I was a die hard D’banj fan, I wanted to be like him, talk, walk and sing like him.

I loved his performances the most (he’s still best performer Africa as ever had). I remember in high school, my seniors used to call me senior Koko Master because I perform his songs everyday.

To cut the story I started writing, creating melodies, then to releasing singles, to being in a music group with myself, Reekado Banks & MVP. We also run a music competition sponsored blackberry on campus.

Describe your brief journey in the music industry?

It was a sweet experience for me but they were so many constraints like school work, money for sessions and promotions, so I decided to pause hustle and get back so it wasn’t like I quit, I’ve always been around music. But in the phase of hustling I discovered my real passion and ability in turning up and bringing life to place or people. I also still write for music artistes, I have so many big songs out there that I worked and even some unreleased ones. I wrote the hook for one of the biggest songs of 2018. So you see I didn’t quit.

You are now a hype man and a host. How did you start?

I started been an hype man and a host in 2013, when I hosted parties in night clubs before the hype men came I used to start my thing, so many Dj’s use to tell me they love my voice on the microphone that I should consider it. I wasn’t sure but I continued till my then boss Brainchild told me to start handling the big night at Vertigo bar so from then I started getting jobs as an hype man everywhere, All the clubs I was promoting wanted, then it became a serious thing.

Why Shutdown King as stage name?

As the name implies Shutdown King, I shut down everything anytime, I can literally wake up the dead when I come through (laughs…) but really it became about from friends and fans because of my energy and I give it my all.

What is the relevance of a hype man to the artist on stage?

Not just to the artiste but the hype man is the most important element of parties and concert these days, somebody as to set the mood right, the hype man puts the people in the right frame of mind for the turn up, he serenades the crowd for the artiste .the hype man also keeps the artiste/ audience energy on check through the performance I believe that every artiste/concert needs an hype man, if you want to have a lit show you need an hype man. Everybody needs a hype man in his or her lives.

At some point you handled promotion for nightclubs and events. How did you get into that?

Yes I handled and still handle promotion for nightclubs and events; it was part of the hustle I spoke about to get money for music. I love parties a lot and I was also a popular guy in university so it was easy for me to throw large parties and organized large audience. I worked for numerous clubs such as club Uno, Liquid lounge, Club O Reloaded (personally brought that club back to life ) Aramis lounge Vertigo bar, Club 57. Threw so many parties and events like Wizkid live at Club O Reloaded 2012, Samba Night 2013, All gold everything 2013, Arabian night 2014, Reekado Banks album listening 2016, Reekado banks campus tour 2017, The Reunion 2018 to mention a few.

What problem do you think an upcoming artist in Nigeria will encounter on his or her way to the top?

Themselves, the only problem you face in life is yourself if they overcome that, then straight to the top

Are you working on any project?

Yes, I’m working on a couple of projects; I will be releasing singles soon featuring other artistes, shooting videos. Also working on an EP with Altims it’s called the REFIX, so just expect a lot from me. Lastly I will be taking the shutdown experience to a city near you and it’s going to be madness.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Touring Africa and beyond, preaching the gospel of Africa unites with acrobats. Hosting the biggest shows as an entertainer, breaking boundaries, lastly and most important Alive and Happy.

Any words for upcoming entertainers; artist, hype man and promoter?

Pray and Stay glued to your dreams

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Adedamola Edun is a Brand manager, Talent manager, PR manager, Showbiz promoter and Multimedia Entrepreneur.

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