Can you tell us about yourself?

My name is Bolaji Sekoni, popularly known as Yung B.J. My brand is Next Lense Films.

I’m a cinematographer, a director, a video editor, and a 3D animator.


Cinematography is a great creative profession. What made you choose this path?

Of all profession, I chose cinematography because I’m passionate about cameras right from childhood and basically, I love art.


Who are the artistes you have worked with or plan to work with?

I have worked with Sauce Prince, Dr. Jazz, Mr. Ray, Justified Guilt, Smacby, etc. I would love to work with 2baba and other talented artistes from Nigeria and abroad.


What personality or character traits are necessary for one to excel as a cinematographer?

To excel as a cinematographer you need to be creative, passionate, make researches, make good decisions, so as to be well organized on set while filming.


What is the Cinematographer’s job in Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production?

In pre-production: fixing some of the elements involved to get the exact picture that will fit in the script. During production: the process of creating the image so as to deliver the best picture from the script while on set.

In post-production: organizing and editing the raw footages together to make a meaning from the script.  


What do you really set out to achieve when you take on a job to shoot a music video? 

I set to achieve the best concept that would fittingly interpret the song.


Do you have any favorite music video by other directors in Nigeria?

Basically everyone is trying with their videos.


In terms of cinematographer, who are your favorite figures?

I could give you an endless list of favourite figures and still have more. But for me, at the top of my ‘fave list’ is Gil Green and Payne Lindsey.

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