Talent is something but not everything. Talent is born not made, when talent and hard work resembles miracles will happen, acquiring right talent to business is the most important to achieve growth, organizational efficiency and goals. Talent of each individual determines what he can do and his or her attitude determines how well can do.

Talents are the abilities that we are born with, which lead to a satisfactory performance both in learning and in the execution of skill. There is a difference between possessing a skill and having the talent to perform that skill.

So how do you manage your talent?

The 7 Steps of Talent Management Process:

Step 1: Specify What Skills You Need.

Step 2: Attract the Right People.

Step 3: Onboard and Organize Work.

Step 4: Organize Learning and Development.

Step 5: Hold Performance Appraisals.

Step 6: Strategize to Retain Your Best Talent.

Step 7: Plan for Successions.

Yes, the sky is big enough for everyone but yet, there’s a time to step aside and eat the fruits of your talent.

Be keen to not waste your talent but be conscious to know how and when to apply your talent. No one will stay at the top forever but you can always maintain a seat at the table.