Afro-Pop Powerhouses Simi And Tiwa Savage Unite In Stirring New Single ‘Men Are Crazy’

Afro-pop sensation Simi is expanding the next wave of Nigerian music with the highly anticipated release of ‘Men Are Crazy,’ a dynamic collaboration featuring the incomparable Tiwa Savage.

This track promises to redefine contemporary African soundscapes with its wistful energy and captivating blend of traditional beats and modern pop sensibilities. Penned by Simi, Tiwa Savage, and Prince Omoferi, and masterfully produced by Abayomi ‘Big Fish’ Illerioluwa, ‘Men Are Crazy’ exudes a signature sun-kissed sound. The sonic architect’s silky smooth vocals and subtle emotional depth effortlessly intertwine with Tiwa Savage‘s gorgeously raspy tones, delivering a soul-stirring musical synergy. With its laid-back vibes and meditative lyrics exploring the complexities of desire, ‘Men Are Crazy’ is poised to become a timeless anthem, showcasing the undeniable talent and creativity of these two powerhouse artists.

Accompanying the release is the music video for ‘Men Are Crazy,directed by Pink. Set in a speakeasy adorned with lush upholstered walls and rich hues, the scene serves as the backdrop for Simi’s solo entrance. As she navigates the space, a handsome suitor joins her, accompanied by sequin-clad backup dancers, enhancing the seductive ambiance. Ultimately, our protagonist and Savage come together, lamenting over the magnetic pull of men, perfectly complementing the track’s luring narrative.

Hailing from Lagos, Nigeria, Simisola Bolatito Ogunleye, known as Simi, is an award-winning Nigerian singer, songwriter, and sound engineer. She is recognized as a driving force behind Nigeria’s new Afropop wave and stands out as one of the most distinctive female voices in African music today. With nearly a million monthly Spotify listeners and counting, the self-described “Soft Queen” has emerged as a leading figure in the evolution of Nigerian music, amassing over 1 billion streams worldwide. Across five critically acclaimed projects, the Nigerian melodist has crafted a unique musical style seamlessly blending rhythmic elements with a commercial appeal. Following her participation in Grammy-winning superstar Alicia Keys ‘North American ‘Keys To The Summer’ tour last year and with plans for her own headline tour later this year, the sonic storyteller’s signature sound is set to draw in audiences on a global scale.

Tiwa Savage emerged as one of the most prominent pop stars from West Africa in the 2010s, boasting a string of hits and a collection of international awards. Initially making her mark in the music industry as a backing singer for artists like Mary J. Blige and as a songwriter, she burst onto the scene in the early 2010s with her unique blend of dance-pop, Afro-pop, reggae, and contemporary R&B, seamlessly weaving English and Yoruba lyrics into her music. By the time her debut album, Once Upon a Time, dropped in 2013, Savage had already solidified her status as a major success. Throughout the following decade, she continued to release chart-topping hits and expanded her global presence, gracing the stages of international festivals and venues. Notably, she contributed to the soundtrack of the 2019 film The Lion King: The Gift. With subsequent releases like 2020’s ‘Celia’ and the 2021 EP Water & Garrie, Savage’s musical evolution saw her incorporating vintage Afrobeat influences while infusing her lyrics with themes of social consciousness and female empowerment.

‘Men Are Crazy’ and its accompanying music video now represents an electrifying showcase of the dynamism within Nigerian music, epitomizing the ingenuity of artists like Simi and Tiwa Savage. With its irresistible beat, emotive vocals, and resonant themes, the track transcends borders, tempting listeners worldwide with its exploration of yearning. Together, ‘Men Are Crazy’ and its visually stunning counterpart ignite a wave of excitement, underscoring the profound impact and creative brilliance of these two musical luminaries, as they continue to push boundaries and redefine the global music landscape.