Born Daniel Benson and formally known professionally as Buju, Nigerian hit singer has officially switched his professional/stage name to “BNXN” (pronounced simply as Benson)  as he completes his journey to self-discovery. This alteration will take effect immediately from the 18th of February 2022.

For the singer, music has always been the medium through which he expresses or discovers himself, and over the last two years, he has impacted the world with his sound as he continued that journey which has now returned him back to the beginning where he meets and transcends into his original self-known as “BNXN”.

To avoid further confusion in the market space, he has chosen to resort to his legal name “Benson“ which as stated earlier will be spelled as “BNXN”.

It should be appreciated by the general public that Daniel Benson shall now be addressed professionally as “BNXN” concerning all future formal and business correspondence. Other than the formal change of his professional/stage name, all other details, structures, as well as previous or current contracts and other agreements remain intact and unaltered.