The story of the Nigerian music industry in the last 4 decades doesn’t start without chronicling the efforts of turntable smiths whose machinations on the famed wheels of steel spun the Sonics of thousands of musicians in the clubs, parties, on radio, and via mixtapes.

Amongst the select group of disc jockey pioneers in Nigeria is Oluwafemi Sodimu popularly known as DJ Boombastic 9JA.

Across the years DJ Boombastic 9JA who has honed his skills, competence, capabilities and has rightfully earned his excellence as a notable disc jokey having not relented in establishing his trademark in the music and entertainment industry.

DJ Bombastic 9JA delved out into the world of disc jockeys at the tender age of 14, when parents were very much hesitant on their children getting involved in anything that doesn’t come with a white collar.

He had his own fair share of refusal by his parents who did not envisage their son becoming a disc jockey as it was the order in those years when many parents could not for see the future we experience today, now that the music, events and entertainment industry has grown into goldmine.

However, like an adamant child who saw the future, he stuck to his guns despite his parent’s initial reservations till the shining glimmer appeared on the horizon when he got his first opportunity as a disc jockey at Ogun State Broadcasting Corporation (OGBC 1 and 2).

He had further stints at Murhi International Television/Star FM, Rainbow FM, Kennis FM and Jordan FM. From that point, moving forward, DJ Boombastic has been conquering territories after territories from his several broadcast media programmes including Funk Fragments, Souls Spectrum, Day Break Beat, Music Power House, Tripping Out, Music Nigeriana and others. By respect and virtue, he belongs to the class those who changed the perception of disc jockey trade being an unattractive domain to a highly attractive and sought after one.

Talk of a veteran disc jockey who has paid his dues from the local scenes to international performances in United Kingdom, Italy and Republic of Ireland, Dubai in United Arab Emirates, greatness is something that DJ Boombastic 9ja strives for everyday, especially when it comes to music and his legacy.

Even after 3 decades of excellence, DJ Boombastic 9JA continues to redefine himself and set the pace as is evident with the new rebrand of DJ Boombastic 9JA.