Entrepreneur and Realtor, Adetunbi Owolabi launches first book “Why Life Is So Hard.”

Entrepreneur and Realtor Adetunbi Hammed Owolabi has finally launched his much anticipated book- “Why Life Is So Hard,” the book he referred to as a manual for living a much easier life. 

The realtor now author who recently turned 30 says he didn’t write the book because he has seen it all nor lived it all but because he sees the need for the youths to learn from his own experience and also access information he lacked while on the journey to adulthood. 

In his words “Why Life Is So Hard book is based on how to live a more understandable and easy life. 

The book talks about our unacceptable reality as humans while leaving in misconception of what we believe our reality is in different instances.

One of the important things I have learnt in life is the uncertainties, the unending change about our existence due to differences in our individuality, culture, beliefs, race, mission, desires and so forth. 

I have come to realize that the greatest threat to mankind and life today is that we are ruled by people who plunge us into all sort of vices against ourselves; war and disunity, manipulate us and flood our minds with fear, hate and ignorance with every chance they get. 

This narrative needs to be changed because it has been an occurrence from one generation to another; this I believe is the main generational curse we are battling.

Our society is filled with so much toxicity and negativity, which automatically and naturally makes life extremely hard and suffocating. 

There is much societal pressure due to lack of understanding. We are now in a society where people want the success without the hard work that comes with it. They want the good things of life but does not want the challenges and difficulties that comes with it; we don’t understand and know what it takes, we are avoiding the true process. All these has led to unnecessary pressure, mental illness and unnecessary hard life in our society.

In order to change the situation, we need to task ourselves to educate and empower our people, especially youths to the best of our abilities. We need to educate our children to understand the true ways to live and handle life so we can produce a better society full of positivity, knowledge and understanding, this is the purpose of this book.”

The book is in two parts, the first talks about why life is hard and ways to manage life’s hardship. Second part talks about effective measures to a sustainable successful life.

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