Tell us about yourself?

My name is Tobechukwu Muokwe. I’m a musical artiste and I go by the stage name Crush Yank. I’m from a family of three, born and brought up in Surulere, Lagos. Being a Lagos born has thought me so many life lessons and one thing I learnt is that if one can make it in Lagos, he can make it anywhere in the world.

How do you come about the name Crush Yank?

While I was in high school. I remembered there was a call for musical performance on the assembly every Wednesday. So I would always want to sing something different, so most times I would prepare over the weekend then on Wednesday, I would go up stage to sing.

My friends would tease me that I crushed the performance, and some would say that all the girls are having a crush on me because of my performance. So they started calling me crush the yanki boy, which was eventually shortened to Crush Yank.

 How would you describe your sound?

In summary, I would say that my sound is Afro Pop saturated.

How was the acceptance of your song “No Lies”?

To be honest, and to my surprise, No Lies has been getting positive responses from whosoever listens to it. So far, people have always been able to pick out meaning and lessons from the lyrics of the song. People would listen to the song when they feel like chilling and relaxing. I’m happy I’ve been able to reach out positively into the life of both young and old and people of all ages can accept the song.

So, what is next for you?

The next thing on my mind is to drop the No Lies video. People have been asking for it and I would drop it in due time.

So far, how has your experience as a rising star felt?

Hmmm, my experience has really been challenging. Especially from judgmental audience. There are some shows I attend that I put all my effort and practice to perform very well. I get dancers, we practice for days but getting on stage, the audience would just be staring at you like “who is this one again”. The look alone can be discouraging, but one has to encourage himself.

 Apart from music what other things are you into?

Well, apart from music, I’m a businessman. I’m into procurement, warehousing and logistics of fashion items. I own City Ballers Fashion Services and we offer our services to many small and medium scale online fashion stores.

Which Nigerian artistes inspire you?

Burna Boy and Olamide has been a source inspiration, I love their style and lyrics.

If you could collaborate with any Nigeria artiste, who would that be and why?

It has to be Burma boy bull’s eye.

Do you have any advice for budding artiste?

I would advise them to keep on doing their thing and encourage themselves because there would be times where it seems like everyone has lost hope in you.

Also, I would advise them to make sure they have a source of income because money is important to promote your music and make it reach the ears of the desired audience. And finally, believe in yourself!