Morachi Is Back With Two Spanking New Singles “Sarafina” and “Hook-up”

Morachi’s ascension back to the upper echelon of the Naija music industry is an open secret. But the speed at which his songs like “Selah” and “Eko Wenjele” resonated with screenagers on Tiktok and Instagram did take everyone by surprise. Without resting on his laurels, the famous “Hapuya Like That” crooner is back with two spanking new singles, “Sarafina” and “Hookup”. Considering the infectious tunes of both songs, there’s no doubt as to why he’s in the bucket of Afrobeats icons with the most trending songs in the industry today. Morachi’s musical #Idan (Magic) no dey disappoint.

Teaming up with Sdala Deep, one of the youngest music producers in Joburg, a 15-year-old music maker with the mind of a veteran, the Amapiano instrumental with an undercurrent of Afrobeats tune he crafted for the track “Hook-up” is catchy. Morachi also did tap up Blaqmanta, an emerging music virtuoso, to produce “Sarafina”. The output is soothing to the ears. Morachi knows his Onions and always gunning for the top spot. Both songs, officially released on 6 June 2023, will further boost Morachi’s incredible career. We can’t wait to see both topping the charts.


Talking about both songs, Morachi explains the inspiration behind them. “I am an entertainer that loves to dish out compelling dance tracks, but I also infuse social commentary in my music. With the song “Hook-up”, I use rhetorical rhymes to narrate societal ills like the prevailing Hookup culture. “Sarafina” is a heartbreak song devoid of gloomy temperament. It is a switch-up from the norm associated with being brokenhearted.

The song gives you a reason to choose happiness. Both singles are relatable good music for everyone for all moods.”