Nerry is Extraordinerry

Fast rising act; Nerry with birth name Efosa Omori is a son of the popular Benin City, Edo State.

Passionate about music, which started for him at quite an early age, he says Music is the only way for him to connect with people.

In an interview with SIMPLE, he spoke about his musical influences and the “EXTRAORDINERRY” project.

Read full interview below:

Describe your style of music in one word?

I’ll say Afro-Trap.

Your EP titled ‘Extraordinerry’, what’s the idea behind the title?

It’s me saying I’m Nerry and I do ‘Extraordinary’ things. The inspiration behind my EP is my love life. At that point, there was a lot going on for me in my relationship and I just used the medium and music to express it. Hustle also is a factor, talking about money.

What message are you passing to your listeners with the EP?

I want them to go get the money, wake up and stop sleeping. I want them to fall in love, pay the bills for their ladies and feel every part of it.

As an artiste what will you like to be remembered for?

My amazing sound. I’ll like to be remembered for always saying what is on my mind in my music.