According to the Chairman of All Nigerian In Diaspora (ANID WORLDWIDE) Abiodun Brainard, a recognized organization for Nigerians In Diaspora

“Crude Oil isn’t the country biggest export he said “NIGERIAN IMMIGRANTS” are by far the country Biggest Export . In terms of annual Immigration, the total number of Nigeria immigrants grew from 448,500 in 1990 to 13 million in 2017 and 15 Million and counting at present.

The flow of immigrants remittance in 2019 is estimated at $25B, that is about 5% of Nigeria GDP.

The 2018 immigrants remittance translated to 83% of the federal Government budget in 2018.

For four executive years, official remittances have exceeded Nigeria OIL REVENUE. (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018.)

Migration and Remittance go Pari Passu because without Migration there is no REMITTANCE.

So on Nigeria and its migrants in Diaspora, what does the country intend to do to make them contribute in their own way to the economic, cultural, scientific and technological development of the country? In certain countries, citizens residing abroad vote and take active part in political activities.

What would Nigeria do to encourage its democracy to evolve toward such an objective? Nigerians in Diaspora should be encouraged to have closer relations with the motherland. Nigeria’s foreign policy should include all these acts for a more global approach to policy issues than in the past.

We are pleased to announce, one of our Initiatives “ANID CONFERENCE”.

The purpose of the conference is to ignite and energize Diaspora community to support our country’s quest for sustainable economic and social development,”

The All Nigerian In Diaspora “ANID CONFERENCE” is a professional networking, exploring global opportunities to “Build an invaluable ways of Partnering for Growth” uniting to explore the best practices in development, while creating a unique occasion to share Perspective and Innovative solutions to challenges common to Nigeria communities in Diaspora.



 The conference is schedule to hold in Dubai, May 29th and 30th 2020. The conference will connect and engage Nigeria migrants who are now (Leaders, Experts, CEOs, Government Officials, Business owners and Investors) in various countries in diaspora to build a link for national development for a better Nigeria and for its people.

Most importantly, showcasing the positive diverse of Nigerians to the world.