Nwaobiara Bashir is redefining Nigerian Fashion Lifestyle Scene with Kpako

Nwaobiara Tamilore Bashir, the visionary Creative Director and Founder of Kpako Studios, is making waves in the Nigerian fashion and lifestyle scene. As a creative entrepreneur, Bashir is reshaping the industry by bringing a unique and authentic approach to Nigerian street wear.

With a deep passion for arts, music, fashion, and culture, Bashir embarked on a journey to establish Kpako Studios, a street wear brand that captures the essence of the Nigerian fashion and lifestyle. Inspired by successful figures such as Virgil Abloh, Salehe Bembury, and Blu Boy, Bashir set out to create a brand that not only reflects his entrepreneurial spirit but also resonates with the expressive and daring Nigerian millennial audience.

Kpako Studios is more than just a brand. It is an expression of the vibrant Nigerian culture and a platform for self-expression,” says Bashir.

He added that what sets Kpako Studios apart from others in the industry is its unwavering commitment to authenticity and professional excellence: “Through our designs, we aim to empower individuals to embrace their authenticity and stand out from the crowd.”

“Customers who have experienced the brand attest to the genuine and unique designs that reflect the rich Nigerian cultural heritage.”

Bashir’s dedication to quality and originality has earned Kpako Studios notable achievements and milestones, including winning the Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the Faculty of Environment Sciences in 2019.

He said as Kpako Studios continues to make its mark in the fashion industry, the brand is preparing for exciting upcoming events and product launches. A highly anticipated runway show is set to take place this summer, showcasing the brand’s captivating designs for the spring-summer 2024 collection. Additionally, a new street wear piece is slated for樂威壯 release in July, further expanding the brand’s innovative and trendsetting offerings.

In line with a vision for sustainability and environmental responsibility, Kpako Studios actively engages in social and environmental initiatives. The brand embraces environmental sustainability by incorporating up cycling practices, transforming waste fabrics into fashion statements like tote bags. Furthermore, they prioritize the use of environmentally preferred materials, such as recycled polyester and environmentally friendly packaging. The brand’s commitment to a greener future includes plans to establish green stores across Nigeria, promoting eco-conscious practices within the fashion industry.

“I believe that fashion has the power to create positive change. At Kpako Studios, we are not only focused on creating stylish and high-quality designs but also on making a positive impact on our environment,” affirms Bashir.

“In the ever-evolving landscape of the Nigerian fashion and lifestyle scene, my creative entrepreneurship stands as a beacon of inspiration. Through Kpako Studios, we are reshaping the industry with authentic designs, innovative marketing approaches, and a focus on sustainability.

“As we lead the brand into new horizons, the upcoming Spring Summer Hustlers Piece Release in July is set to captivate the Nigerian millennial audience and further solidify Kpako Studios as a frontrunner in Nigerian fashion,” he added.

He noted that with his artistic vision and unwavering commitment to excellence, Kpako Studios is poised to redefine the Nigerian fashion and lifestyle scene, setting new standards for authenticity, adaptability, and success.