R&B Star Jasën Blu Dives Deep On New Single “Chill”

R&B/Soul singer, songwriter and record producer Jasën Blu continues to make an unbroken string of solid statements with his music, the latest of which is his newest offering, an aptly titled intimacy soundtrack, “Chill“. The second official single from long-time-coming full-length debut album “Soulwave”, “Chill” (written, produced and performed by–you guessed right, Blu himself in his usual fashion via his SoundQraft LLC production outfit) confidently explores sensuality in a way only truly seasoned Soul/R&B orchestrators do; with unabashed sexual expressions neatly laid on a perfectly laid back, slow-burn instrumentation of acoustic piano, sparse but albeit tight drums, moody synthesizers and subtle flutes to arrive at a perfect bedroom anthem.

On “Chill“, just like what has come to be known as his signature style going by his previous releases, Blu delivers extremely sensual lyrics in a perfect blend of English, Yoruba and Pidgin English in a way every listener from Lagos to California, London to Rio and even as farther as Tokyo can readily relate to, especially if they happen to be tuning in from choice locations like a scented-candle lit bedroom, a heated bath tub, a red-lit club floor or even a loud, raging arena filled to the brim with excited adults. Fewer lines can set the mood than Blu’s straight-down-to-business opener, “Omoge take your clothes off.’ and the vivid sexual imagery painted with words and sounds on the record certifies it as a new, potent rompers’ favorite as well as a casual listen staple.

Released via Blu’s label Nubiana Records, “Chill” follows on the heels of his previous releases like “Already” (first official single off “Soulwave“), “Brown Shuga” off his late 2020 EP, “Road 2 Soulwave” and most recently the non-album buzz single “Otojometa“, alongside several official movie soundtracks and original compositions. “Soulwave” his long-awaited debut album and sequel to his “Road 2 Soulwave” EP arrives later in 2023.