“It’s most likely no one will give you a chance, you have to make your own chance.”-SONYJOJO

Can you tell us about yourself and how your journey into music started?

My names are Joseph Sunday Ojodormo, a Kogi State indigene; I grew up in Lagos, Oshodi to be precise and attended Bolade Senior Grammar School and proceeded to South African where I learnt music production.

My journey to the music industry was a rough ride but we thank God for what will be will be, especially coming through the ghetto and getting money for studio sections was tough, at some point I felt discouraged thinking this industry was all about money and no one was ready to give. No one gave us the opportunity, so at some point I took a break to go into business and make some money and leave the rest to God.

How did you come about the name SonyJoJo?

SonyJoJo is an abbreviation of names, Sunday and Joseph; SonyJoJo.

What do you think about music and education?

Education is important to guide your God giving talent, because talent itself is wealth if you are able to polish it.

Why did you choose to do music?

Music is what I love doing, I discovered that I found great pleasure in doing music than in any other thing

What kind of music do you do?

I do Afro pop infuse with reggae dance-hall.

Tell us about your latest single, what inspired that song?

Dey your Dey was inspired by street, everyday activities on the street, you find a lot of frustration and people having a lot of difficulty trying to take their stand so if you are not pleasing me please “Dey your Dey”.

Are you signed to any record label?

I am signed to my own record label SonyJoJo Entertainment; it is registered and approved by the government.

With the uprising of many talents in the Nigerian music industry today, do you think you got what it takes to compete with them?

First of all am not here to compete with anybody am just here to do my thing and leave the rest to God. They all have their talents and so do I, its left for you to accept me the way I am, the sky is big enough to accommodate all birds that want to fly.

Who are your musical influences?

Don Jazzy, I call him my daddy, whenever my creative thought is down I just go on is page and listen to his works and I am inspired. Internationally I would say Jay Z because of his business angle to music he has made a lot of money from music and I want to make money too.

Which Nigerian artistes would you like to work with now and why?

Don Jazzy, Olamide and every other artiste doing good music.

If given the opportunity which of the record labels in Nigeria would you love to be signed up to and why?

That would be Mavin Records because I think they always a have good structure and marketing plan for their artistes but at the moment I am all about SonyJoJo Entertainment.

Word for your fans?

Thank you for supporting me, stay glued to good music and I promise to never let you down.