It’s the end 2022 and a new acoustic dimension championed by a new generation of sonic wizKid’s has exploded on the third planet from the sun like a massive supernova. From the streets of Lagos to neighborhoods in Tema, communes in Soweto, boroughs in the UK and indeed cities all across the world – Afrobeats has struck resonance across multiple cultures and become the world’s sonic addiction.

In the league of the beacon beamers is International Afrobeats Superstar; Adéola with his debut album titled “Afrocology” – an LP project that has won praise amongst industry gatekeepers and sonic heads alike.

Born Adeola Adekunle St. Matthew-Daniel in the northern suburb of Lagos, Adéola who went by the monicker ‘S Dee’ before rebranding, had released “Lose Your Love,” “Life (Turn by Turn),” and “Thankful” as lead singles which built massive momentum for the release of “AFROCOLOGY” – a full-course sonic meal with a flavor of RnB, Pop and Dance-hall focused on uplifting motivation from life experiences.

Not having a traditional formula, and instead being dynamic, it turned out, is a winning tack for Afrobeats:  reflecting both its continued relevance and fans’ salivatory desperation for more servings. 

Listening to the 9-track album, the aptest description of it would be simply: “The Science of Afrobeats.” The work on Afrocology radiates across love stories to real-life struggles we face in the world garnished with a spice of hope and gratitude. “Love Is The Language”  is the central theme of this album. From the very first song adroitly titled “Time” to “Amazing” which closes the amazing body of work, Afrocology is worth the replay value it’s been touted to carry.

Adéola is set to follow up his work on AFROCOLOGY with visuals in the coming weeks with media tours and show performances sandwiched in between what is looking like a jam packed year end and new year start for him.

Stream/Listen to Afrocology here;