Can you tell us about yourself and how did it all begin?

My name is Samuel Ehioze Aka DJ NiQy, it all started at a local party in Benin City; I was allowed to play for like 10mins.

Where did the name “DJ NiQY” comes from?

The name DJ NiQy came from my name I will say it was giving to me spiritually. Lol

You’re a DJ and also a recording artiste, which one came first?

DJing actually came first I always had love for music the melody, rhythm and joy it brings every time I listen to good music or play at shows, night clubs and all. Figured it was time to have my own song but as a DJ and as an artiste. I have been featuring lots of artistes on my producer singles and recently started recording my own personal songs both alone and with lots of talented artists in Africa.

How and when did you start your life as a disc jockey?

I started as a disc Jockey 2009 my love for it grew from there

What gave you the initial push?

Passion did, I knew what I had I knew I loved music especially the DJ aspect so I decided to act on it.

What was the first event you ever played at/put on?

At a friend birthday party and they let me play not by choice I never stopped since then.

Who is the single most influential disc jockey that you looked up to when you started out?

I have a whole lot of influential Dj’s but my top three are DJ Khalid, DJ Snake and DJ Xclusive.

What was the biggest challenge you faced and still facing?

The biggest challenge I have faced and still facing is gaining that recognition I truest deserve the industry isn’t making it easy for we the up coming artiste or Dj’s to do so but I am always hopeful working hard in making myself better so when the opportunity presents its self I will be ready to show the world that I am deserving.

Having played across Ghana and Nigeria, what do you think is the difference in structural landscape for disc jockeys in the two countries?

Well the difference between Nigerian and Ghana industry as far as I can tell is acceptance they let acts that are good and have something to offer show themselves the level of opportunity there is vast and it’s way easier break out through their industry than ours the Ghanaian industry isn’t as large as Nigerians industry if you are good unique and can stand out in our craft it’s easy for you to be loved and accepted in their industry they love Entertainment practically and invest in it whether u are an A list artiste, DJ or not as long as u are good and have something to offer.

In the ever-expanding world of disc jockeys, what’s the best way to be unique?

The best way to be Unique really is be you Improve on you, be good at what you do, think differently, play differently, brand yourself make yourself accessible to your fans. Don’t go imitating anyone, do you.

What in your own view should be the next level of upgrade for African disc jockeys to match with world renowned DJ’s?

Well it will be a bit far fetched if I say we can match them or take them head on giving the fact that they are more advanced than us in every way and the level of support they get can’t be compared to what we have here but I will say learning from them paying attention to what they do and trying to be a better version of that thing will be a good start being unique is good but most people forget that being unique isn’t the only thing that can stand u out and make u relevant.

We can only be as good as the world class Dj’s today if we actually understand the business, what they do and how they do it and then apply same principles in our craft as Dj’s in our own style and unique way.

Which other countries have you played/put parties on?

I have played in Ghana South Africa and Nigeria respectively.

What’s you favorite tune of all time?

Well I listen to good music, as a DJ we really don’t have favorite songs once the music is good we play.

With the power of digital platforms and social media, how much of an influence do you think DJ’s still have on the success of artists’ records?

Well I will say it helps a lot although the African market is not entirely used to such platforms but then we adapt quickly as an artiste or a DJ your fans are suppose to support your music by purchasing them on this digital stores. Only true fans can do that but I believe we are all getting there.

Do you think, like top DJs in the world, African DJs should be awesome producers considering their technical understanding of sound?

Well production is an entirely different field from Djing but then they are not to far apart. We have Dj’s that are also producers but then it starts with what u want and what u love if handling the both won’t distract you from the other then why not

But then giving the understanding we have on sounds and technicalities I will say Dj’s can also be good producers.

What are you working on lately?

I’m working on my DJ EP project as well as my Personal EP project

Which artist collaboration have you been looking towards?

Well I love Wizkid and someday I would love to work with him.

Any shout outs?

Shout out to everyone that have been supporting and still supporting m. Thanks for the love I promise to do my best Will prove to you all that I am really deserving



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Adedamola Edun is a Brand manager, Talent manager, PR manager, Showbiz promoter and Multimedia Entrepreneur.

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