CAN YOU TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF? I’m Francis Akindele Blessing; I’m a singer, songwriter and a music producer.

WHEN DID YOU START MUSIC? Music started for me back then in 2009.

WHAT WAS IT LIKE GROWING UP? Growing up was a little bit tough. I’ve been struggling, trying to let people know the kind of music that I have, like the kind of sound. But it’s really hard because a lot of producers don’t want me to bring the real Devil (in terms of music) in me out, but right now, I’m bringing everything out.

WHY IS MUSIC SO IMPORTANT TO YOU? Music is so important, because I don’t really think I can do something else rather than music. Music is my life, it’s everything.

ARE THERE THINGS YOU WANT TO DO WITH YOUR MUSIC THAT YOU’VE NOT BEEN ABLE TO DO? I want people to really get to know my sound, it’s really different and I want people to get used to it.

HOW WILL YOU DEFINE YOURSELF AS AN ARTISTE/WHAT GENRE OF MUSIC DO YOU SING? I sing all kinds of sound but right now I do Country and Pop Music.

WHO ARE THE ARTISTES THAT INSPIRE YOU FOR COUNTRY AND POP? Don Williams and James Blunt. Most of my songs are all about Heartbreak and Love.


WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO DO MUSIC? A producer turned brother. He was producing back then and I decided to jump on it, then the ginger came. That was how it started back then in 2009.

WHAT COMES FIRST IN YOUR MUSIC MAKING PROCESS? The beat. I love creating vibes, something people can relate with.

HOW DO YOU DECIDE SONGS TO RECORD? Actually, the beats and my mood determine the kind of songs I want to do.

WHEN SHOULD WE EXPECT A NEW SOUND FROM YOU? Soon. I’m currently working on a new body of work (EP)

WHAT’S THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO YOU RIGHT NOW? The most important thing to me right now is still my music.

WHAT KIND OF PRODUCERS ARE YOU LOOKING TO WORK WITH? I have two producers now in Nigeria that really relate with my kind of sound; Soshine and 必利勁 Chech. Soshine actually inspires me a lot. He said “do your thing, don’t let people change your mindset”.

HOW DO YOU MOTIVATE YOURSELF? I’m more of an over thinker, I’ve got plans for everything, everything is all planned.

MESSAGE IN YOUR MUSIC TO PEOPLE WHO HAVENT HEARD YOU BEFORE? I want my music to bring them closer to me. Let’s talk about my song “Wants and Needs”. It’s about Lagos traffic. When you trying to meet your girlfriend and Lagos traffic just holds you down so you have to park your car and trek to where your babe is.

HAS THAT REALLY HAPPENED TO YOU? Yes, that really happened.

CAN WE CALL YOU A SUCKER FOR LOVE? No, I’m blind for love.

IN ANOTHER 5 YEARS HOW WILL YOU WANT PEOPLE TO RELATE WITH YOUR MUSIC? I will have done a lot of music then, I really want to do different kind of sounds but I want people to feel my country sound.

ARTISTES YOU LOOK UP TO? Davido because he inspires me a lot.

MESSAGE TO YOUR FANS? I don’t know if I have fans yet, but I want you guys to know, I wont let you down.