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Tell us about yourself, background and growing up? My names are Osarodion Kelvin but people call me Kaycute aka Stone man. I’m a rapper from the South, Edo State to be precise and I started music in 2010, but started recording in 2013.

What inspired the decision to go into music? I loved music but I didn’t really take it serious back then. I was just recording songs and I just find myself doing music but I’ve been recording since 2013.

How would you describe your kind of music? I will say conscious music, real music. That’s my music.

Your new mixtape, “Rap Song for the Street”, what’s it about? It’s basically what the name says “Rap song for the Street” you know. We are in Nigeria and a lot of crazy things are happening. I believe the hip-hop game right now in Nigeria is still trying to catch up with Afrobeats because everyone is on Afrobeats. So as a rapper, I feel it’s my duty to always sing about what’s happening in my society. So that’s basically what “Rap song for the Street” is all about. It’s about everything going on in the street and the country right now.

When you were putting your mixtape together, what were some of the challenges you faced? I was broke and depressed when I was writing it, but I had faith that everything is going to work out. I basically explained everything in the album if you listen.

What’s the main message on the mixtape, what do you want people to resonate when they listen to it? Basically, the main message is motivation for street people. No matter where you’re from you can still make it. No matter how hard the country is, you can still do something positive. I’m just trying to give people something to hold on to, even if it’s crazy out here.

What’s your favorite song on the mixtape? That’s a hard one, everything is fire but right now I’m currently feeling medication, fearless and new king those are always playing in my head. But I love everything of course.

How does it feel having the privilege to represent the street with your sound? I feel blessed, I feel like it’s a call to duty, It’s a blessing and that’s how I see it. Nothing gives me joy than music, so we pushing till when we get there.

What are the challenges you face as an independent artist? There are a lot of challenges. I’m still trying to understand the music game because I understand the process of making music but I’m not fully aware of the business side.

Who are the artistes that you look up to and will like to collaborate with (home and abroad)? I can say the whole industry because everybody inspires me. In Nigeria I will say Burna Boy, Ice Prince, M.I, SDC, and Ghost while outside Nigeria I will love to work with Sarkodie, J Cole, Roddy Ricch and some other good artistes out there.

Do you have any projects that we should look forward to? Definitely, I have a lot of projects coming out. I have my EP coming next, it’s going to drop soon and I have a guest artiste on it so watch out for bangers.

A word to your fans and music lovers? Just keep supporting my music, keep streaming and keep listening.

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Adedamola Edun is a Brand manager, Talent manager, PR manager, Showbiz promoter and Multimedia Entrepreneur.

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