In developed countries, kids with exceptional talents are discovered, supported and showcased at a very tender age.

Studies however show that most kids in third world countries lack this same privilege to showcase their talents. This is gap in opportunity is the fuel that propelled Brightquests Agency to birth the ‘Face of BrightQuests’ initiative – to discover the hidden talents in kids and teenagers; thereby helping to unleash the confidence in them to show case abilities via runway modeling, pageant modeling, Sports, music, art, acting etc.

According to Selina Carayol, “the main aim of ‘Face of BrightsQuests’ is to raise generations that are aware of their talents and given parents the opportunity to support there kids talents at a very early age.”

“Our country is saturated with wonderful kids with jaw dropping talents. Talents generally come with huge benefits and all we really need do is to put in the passion and commitment towards discovering, grooming and showcasing them to the world and we will have a tomorrow brightened by the lights if these kids.” She further stressed.

Although ‘Face of BrightsQuests’ is Carayol’s vehicle of kids transformation, her journey with kids didn’t start with it. “Working with kids had always been part of me especially having to train my kid sister who was 3-year-old while I was only 10, myself.” She enthused.

Carayol’s Odyssey with kids has been a roller coaster of experiences. First starting out as a class teacher, and then becoming a school club coach, and then she morphed to a kids and teens mentor – all within a span of less than 5 years. “These experiences metamorphosed and ignited the fire to start the kids and talent discovery Academy – Brightquests Agency which produces ‘Face of BrightsQuests.’

The maiden edition of FACE OF BRIGHTQUESTS’ tagged “Creative Edition” will be mainly focused on creativity and is billed to hold on the 27th of August 2022 at Eco Event Center in Egbeda Akowonjo, Lagos.