Foza Fawehinmi unveils cover of new book ‘So Far So Foza’

Oyinkansola Foza Fawehinmi is set to release her debut book “So Far So Foza” February 17, 2023 and the cover image of the book has now been officially unveiled.

The 29-year-old music business executive talks about the release date and the inspiration behind the book while unveiling the cover image in a 30 seconds clip posted on her Instagram (@fozadoza) recently.

So far so Foza covers Fawehinmi’s perspective and personal life right from dealing with the loss of her father, who was deceased while she was about 11 years-old, through her coming of age period.

Foza’s upbringing as a privileged child siloed her from the realities of the teeming school-aged population like her until the loss of her father at age 11 turned things around,” a synopsis for the book states.

So Far So Foza” offers a gripping narrative on the significant difference between living in a life of abundance to an excruciating life in poverty.  From a private kindergarten to a Nigerian Ivy League-grade university, the author is deeply immersed in privilege, born to accomplish a great purpose and to seize the opportunities elite education affords. But somewhere in the journey, she becomes enmeshed in a life of lack, compelling her to choose between seeing herself within the lens of familial constraints and charting her own course to greatness, one move at a time.”

So Far So Foza” is published by Zmirage Publishing and will be available for purchase on all major distribution platforms and stores around Nigeria from February 20, 2023.

“For many years, I’ve been keeping my story to myself and basically just focusing on doing ‘the work’,” Foza Fawehinmi explains in her announcement video but now, I’m learning to live a life centered around my true self and this requires me to share as much as I can about my journey, my growth and my purpose in life.”

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