Tell us about yourself?

My name is Samson, son of Johnson. Born and brought up in Lagos. I Studied Computer Science at Yaba College of Technology.

How did music start for you and how did you come up with your name iAmSong?

Well, just like any other artiste out there, it started from the root which is the House of God and that is very true. Let me start by telling you that my Dad use to lead the choir even before I was born and then I joined. I was born in a white garment church and I don’t think I need to start explaining how well music and dance runs in our churches. We don’t joke with praises and worships.

As for the name, initially it was add up of the first letters of my first and last name which is SJ, S For Samson and J for Johnson, and on the long run I had to change not because I wasn’t comfortable with SJ, but due to the fact that people naturally call me “Song” and I was like okay, since na me be the song then in English I think “I Am Song,” so I add it all up.

How would you describe your sound?

I think my sound is different, because I try as much as possible not to sound like anyone in the industry. Especially people saying “Oh you sound like That Guy,” You sound like this guy” I love to listen to a lot of Afro beat and at the same time Genre like Reggae because reggae sound is very different and has so much beautiful vibes. That is what I bring up to Afro beat to make it sound more appealing to the ears and different from other regular Afro Beat.

When did music start from you?

I recorded a song around 2009 tittle “Loke Loke” Don’t Google it because I didn’t put it up on Internet, in a very small studio in Oshodi where we all hangout almost everyday. But I wouldn’t say that was when music started for me officially, I would rather say 2014 because that was the year I had my song “Everyday” on Apple Music even though I recorded the song a year before. So I’ll go with 2014.

Who write your songs for you and what inspires you?

This question is very interesting because when I tell you how I write my songs you’ll get cracked up. Well first of all, I enjoy writing my songs alone and then when I’m done I show my friends and they share ideas on how to make it better. Secondly, I get sounds on my head whenever I’m busy doing other things like washing cloths while carried away and I sing out that people will start looking at me and laughing. The feeling also happens whenever I’m doing other things too.

What are you currently working on?

I have some new singles I’m working on and some Refix of songs on chart.

Challenges you face as a new act?

Financing of cause is the major, because the game has now changed totally, the bars have been set higher. Making it more difficult to enter the limelight. Radio airplay, blogs uploads, video shoots are now in millions but yet we won’t stop.

Who are your biggest influences and who are the people you would you want to work with and why?

Biggest Influences are Wizkid, Davido, and Tiwa Savage. I would love to work with Teni, Burna Boy and every other great artiste out there.

If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

Regulations, and making sure the monetary aspect of the game is well shaped, so everyone could sell their content even the upcoming acts. We know how up coming acts are buying houses and expensive cars in well developed countries.

Any last word?

Yes, and it’s that God Exists, Pray but don’t snooze.