Hit Sound Breaking Barriers and Making History: A&R Duty Teams up with Hit Sound for a Guinness World Record Attempt for 72 Hours

A&R Duty, the trailblazing independent A&R platform in Africa, proudly announces its partnership with the remarkable music producer, Joshua Abba Jer威而鋼 emiah, famously known as “Hit Sound,” for an audacious Guinness World Record attempt. Together, they will embark on the journey to break the record for the Longest Recording Marathon, an electrifying challenge that will span an incredible 72 hours and feature over 30 artists. This historic event will kick start on September 21st and culminate on the 23rd, captivating audiences around the globe.

At A&R Duty, we believe in unlocking the full potential of artists and propelling their careers to new heights. As the first independent A&R platform in Africa to hire professional A&R, we constantly strive to redefine industry standards and empower artists with the knowledge and connections they need to succeed. Our partnership with Hit sound is a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation.


Joshua Abba Jeremiah professionally known as “Hit Sound” is a Nigerian Record Producer, Songwriter, Youtuber & Entrepreneur from Kogi state, Nigeria.

He diversifies in various genres, mainly Afro beats, Dancehall, and Afropop music. Growing up in a music-inclined family, Hit sound began a music career in early secondary school before taking the big step of making a successful music production career while making industry moves. With a successful online music production career, Hit sound has immersed a wide fan base of thousands over the years on YouTube and popular streaming platforms via his consistent release of Type Beats and Instrumentals with a wide daily increase in following and subscribers. Ranking at a top spot in a new wave of Afrobeat marketing and digital production mastery.

Hit sound’s aspirations extend far beyond personal success. His vision is rooted in recognizing and honoring the immense talent of Nigerian music producers, both established and emerging. This Guinness World Record attempt is not simply about breaking a record; it’s about giving recognition and flowers to these talented individuals, showcasing the power and influence of music in transcending boundaries and fostering collaboration within the industry.


During this record-breaking attempt, Hit sound will orchestrate a continuous recording session, pushing the limits of endurance, creativity, and collaboration. With each artist bringing their unique style to the table, this marathon will not only make musical history but also create an unparalleled sense of unity and camaraderie among musicians.

The current Guinness World Record for the Longest Recording Marathon with multiple artists stands at an impressive 40 hours and 19 minutes. Hit sound Producer aims to surpass this milestone, demonstrating his unwavering dedication to his craft and amplifying the voices of music producers in Nigeria and beyond.


We invite music enthusiasts and supporters of the arts to join Hit Sound and A&R Duty on this extraordinary journey. Witness the breaking of barriers, the making of history, and the creation of music that resonates with the soul. As Hit sound embarks on this epic recording session, stay tuned for updates on this ground-breaking endeavor, and be part of the movement shaping the future of the music industry.

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Talent Relation officer