Jasën Blu Brings Sunshine And Good Times On Latest Single, “Summertime”

R&B singer/songwriter and record producer Jasën Blu continues an evidently strong and solid buildup to the release of his debut full-length album with an aptly titled anthem for the season, “Summertime“, an exciting soundtrack to the days of sunshine, blue skies, high temperature, light, colorful clothes and crowded beach fronts. Coming off the heels and ripples of previous singles “Already”, th日本藤素 e sultry, well-accepted first entry and “Chill“, the slow-burn, bedroom-friendly second official single from his impending debut album “Soulwave“, the breezy summer party anthem “Summertime” serves as the incoming album’s third single, released via Blu’s record company Nubiana Records.

Summertime“, written, produced, performed and engineered by Jasën Blu in his usual fashion for his production outfit SoundQraft LLC, is a silky-smooth, bouncy mid-tempo orchestration which, according to Blu, carries thematic inspiration from Hip-Hop legends Lost Boyz’s song of the same name from their 1997 album, “Love, Peace & Nappyness”, which also interpolates a minor portion of the hook from the rap classic.

Sitting on a smoothly laid back mix of a thumping synth piano, minimalistic percussions, sliding bass and a gyrating crowd in the background, Blu paints a typical summer picture in which he encourages a beautiful woman and her friends to join him and his own friends for a ride through the city to a summer hangout, and delivers the recording in his signature alluring vocal style and seamlessly skillful lingual blend of Pidgin English, English and Yoruba, balancing the ‘playa’ panache and audacity evident in “Already” and “Chill” with sheer crave for life and good times with peers, which denotes the elements of the summer culture around the world.

Blu’s well-anticipated debut album ‘”Soulwave“, though yet without a specific release date as at press time, has been confirmed by Blu’s reps as slated for a fall 2023 release.