THE OUTSIDERS: A Note to Upcoming Stars

Ever wonder what sometimes happen to your favorite celebrities? We stan them, cheer them and even buy into them. Their personal life becomes our business. We follow and monitor their lifestyle and mirror our living after them sometimes. The big question is, do we sometimes think about the effect of these on them?

The need to keep up with the appearance and maintain standards set by others so celebrities wouldn’t fall short of expected social image that’s worthy of their personality becomes a debate that is mirrored through the unfair glass ceiling and this ultimately put pressure on them and place not just their physical being but mental health under immense and intense pressure.

For the unsuspecting ones, it is easy to get carried away and make choices with short- and long-term implications. Making impulsive decisions based on societal expectations is never the right way to go. A fact of life many seem to ignore is people will always move on. Even after death, people move on so why lead a life to please strangers even when it is obvious, we are all here but for a while and there is no guarantee of tomorrow.

You can be famous today and be a nobody tomorro犀利士 w. Celebrities come and go. We have seen musicians, actors and sport icons have it all today and lose it all tomorrow. Making smart decisions when you still have it will always be the best way to live. The clothes, cars, shoes, houses, and the champagne lifestyle are not sustainable if the present is not managed and the future planned for.

You may be the reigning champion today but know that someone is somewhere planning and strategizing on how to take your place and replace you by taking over your spot.

Last piece of advice, Just do you. Be yourself. Lead a truthful life. Shield yourself from the noise because the ones that matter are the ones close to home. Save for the raining days ahead because it will surely come. Live for self. Outsiders are just what they are, outsiders.