Jesse King Buga Returns with The Rebirth Medley

Foremost Nigerian musician Jesse King popularly known as Buga has made a return to the music scene with “The Rebirth Medley.”

The Rebirth Medley is the recreation of all Buga‘s songs to reflect who he is in this space and time. 

Speaking about this project, the veteran who has been on a hiatus says ”I am constantly in motion, reinventing myself and this you will hear through my music.

The Rebirth Medley is a bridge between the old and the new, a potpourri of different sounds well blended like butter and bread.  

It’s Jazz, it’s Soul, it’s Hip-life, it’s High-life, it’s Apala, it’s Street. It speaks of culture and traditions. The Rebirth Medley shows the versatility of Buga so I truly hope you enjoy it.”

JESSE KING BUGA, a contemporary & urban high-life and Afro Jazz singer was born in the mid- seventies to the family of Pastor and Mrs Omokagbor originally from Okpella in Edo State.

He grew up in Lagos and attended The Boys Academy (Lagos Island), Ikeja Grammar School and Badagry high school after he proceeded to the Ondo State University, Ado- Ekiti.

Jesse began his early life growing up in Lagos in a Mission House. He started his music career in church and was able to organize many events while in the university. 

He started his journey into music as a pianist and producer, before delving fully into music professionally.  Most of his tracks are self-produced and he released his debut album, Buga Within a year of going fully into Professional music as a music artiste

His first album ‘Buga’ was released in 2006. It has inspired a lot of youths within his community and has made him an authentic brand leading the way in campaigning for unity and peaceful co-existence, heritage and upholding the positive values entrenched in our tradition. 

Popularly now known and referred to as “Buga”, he is easily recognized by his traditional style of dressing infused with modern day styling to promote and encourage the younger generation to embrace the African dressing and fabrics. His signature hat with long tail used by the Yoruba hunters (looks like a santa claus hat) makes this all interesting. The hat has commonly taken up the new name “Uga” after Jesse King Buga.

One of his popular tracks, ‘Mummy Ooo‘ remains the preferred choice of song to celebrate women on mothers days, birthdays and at traditional weddings of the Yoruba speaking tribe both home and abroad 

One of his signature productions amongst many is the Music, Dance and Drama concert titled ‘Eko Benin Connexion’. Jesse King doubled as a producer and director of this production and till date remains one of his greatest and biggest. This concert depicts a kind of cultural rebirth using education as the tool to rekindle and unite the cultural ties between the Benin Kingdom and the Eko (Lagos) of today. As a curator of the idea which is borne out of the unpleasant nature of events stemming from tribal wars and hatred, the intent behind this not-so-common type of concert is simply to bring back the memories of where humans evolved from so that we don’t miss the big picture of our being connected and having the same source. It is simply a wake-up call for people to reconnect with their roots and stay in peaceful co-existence.

Jesse is a certified music producer and director, member of COSON Nigeria and uses music to promote his undying passion for the African Culture and Tourism.

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