Can we meet you?

My name is Queen Kelsea Mmesoma Ikwuagwu and I am the current little miss Nigeria. I am 10years old and a native of Amorji Imenyi in Benden Local government Area of Abia State.

My hobbies are singing, reading and exploring.

Since you became the queen, what has been your achievement so far?

I have made lots of friends; I have met lots of people both rich and poor. I have been able to help the needy and the helpless and I have learnt to be a voice for the voiceless.

What are your challenges so far?

Since I became a Queen, I knew I would have task to perform and I have a lot of activities in which I have to represent the less privileged children although these challenges are tasking, I’m able to miss my fun times, but it has been a wonderful experience.

What does it feel like to be a beauty queen?

It feels great and it has giving me a platform to different things; I have been able to reach out to the less privilege children and to be a voice for them.

Is the journey turning out to be what you expected?

Yes it is.

So what are your plans, do you have an NGO or do you plan to have one?

I have an NGO and that is it the voice for the voiceless. My plan is to move the less privilege out of the streets by engaging in a back to school campaign.

What are your plans for the less privilege?

I plan to be an advocate for the less privilege children between them and the government and other well meaning citizen so the country.

What is the attraction of the crown?

My attraction to the crown that is not only about beauty but also about brain. It was a competition for a girl child who will represent the less privileged children of the society.

What do you think makes you stand out from other girls in Nigeria?

What I think makes me stand out from other Queen Girls in Nigeria is that I put a lot of effort to whatever I am doing.

Do we expect you to become Miss Nigeria someday soon?

Yes I look towards that someday.

What do you wish to become in the nearest future?

A well-known Model and a Pediatrician.