The Most Beautiful Girl in Oyo State releases pictures from her 2019 royalty shoot to tell her ascension story 

AKINTUNDE Phoebe Omorinre was born on the 20th of June, 1996, in the city of Ibadan, Lalupon to be precise. She’s from a family of nine and she attended Community Grammar School, Olodo Ibadan. 

At age 9, her mom was diagnosed of breast cancer. The situation exposed her to some realities of life, even at such a tender age. For instance, she realized early that tribulations often trim down one’s network of friends. The news of my mom’s illness caused a lot of people to cut her off. No one wanted to have her around because the wound won’t stop smelling. It was really challenging that it affected her Grade in school while taking care of her.

This challenge rocked my faith and it pushed me near the point of questioning God. I could see my mom was in severe pain. I had to travel from state to state – I was barely 12 at that time – hoping to find a cure to my mom’s ailment. She was bedridden four years before she finally gave up the ghost.

For me, I started living alone at the age of thirteen. Just after my Senior Secondary School Education at Oyo State School of Science, Okeho, I got admitted into Federal College of Education (Special) Oyo, where I studied Biology Education/Education for the physical and health impaired. This was in the year 2013, all through to 2016. I gained admission into the University of Ibadan, which is affiliated to Federal College of Education Oyo, to study Special Education and Mathematics. 

I contested for the most beautiful girl in Oyo State because I needed a platform where I can reach out to the society about the importance of girls and to curb the discrimination of girl child in the society.

In 2018, She was crowned the first Most Beautiful Girl in Oyo state. Sometimes I think about how God has helped me ascend to royal status. I remember that after the demise of my mom, depression crept in. I stopped making friends and built a wall, shutting the world. I reached a point where I knew I was losing myself. Then I decided never to allow it ruin me, which is why “no matter what we are going through, depression isn’t our HOPE and OPTION” mark twain” To the young girls out there, do not be discouraged by what people say to you, you can be more than the greatness they told you is a no go area.

Queen Phoebe has started her 500 GIRL POWER EMPOWERMENT/GIRL CHILD CAMPAIGN in Oyo state since winning the MBGOS title. This campaign has seen her go to schools and motherless homes, distributing “sanitary pads, stationeries, school bags, food items, engagement in vocational aptitudes and paying of some students school fees. She is also planning to take the awareness into markets for a march against the DISCRIMINATION OF GIRL CHILD IN OYO STATE.

Photocredit: ladayobodunrinphotography

Dress by: Purplestitches

Hair by :Hairbydayjee 

Mua: melody.Dasilva