You won so many Nigerian hearts with your melodious voice and style of music, what is your secret?

My secret is God and music itself.

For the sake of your fans that do not know, could you please tell us who Barry Jhay is?

Barry Jhay is just a man, a musician that talks about the soul, talk to the soul. I was in born in a music family in Lagos, my dad was a musician before he died, my maternal grandfather was a musician as well. so I grew up in two music homes. Music has been part of me since birth and will always be till death.

 Which of your songs do you think was the breakthrough song for you?

Aiye of course, everyone knows that.

How long have you been doing music?

Professionally I will say 8 years but my first time of recording was 5 years old.

How has your journey in the industry been so far?

Nothing short of Sweet because God has been the support every step of the way.

Looking at the music industry today wIth the array of talents we have doing big songs back to back, why do you think people should listen to Barry Jhay?

Because Barry Jhay is different.

You are not a product of one of this big record labels and yet you soared, what do you think are the challenges upcoming artists face in there journey to the top?

So many challenges, I can’t start mentioning but for real you have to go through so many stuffs before you get to wherever you’re going.

How much of an influence did King Ayinde Barrister have on your sound?

Everything Barry is Barry.

In a short a time and you’ve racked up an impressive collection of awards, what was the feeling like when you got called up to pick up your rookie of the year award at the Headies?

I knew it was mine, God told me already and I picked up my thing. I wasn’t really surprised thou but I felt very exciting because that was a starting point from another point.

What’s the one thing you would like to change about this country?

I cannot change anything about this country; I can only feed soul that needs to be fed. I am nobody’s messiah, I just needs to do my own part.

What projects are you working on and when are we expecting an album?

Not an album, I am working on my EP; Barry Back.

Who are the artiste that you respect and look up to both home and abroad?

My late dad, Jhene Aiko, Chronics, Wande Cole and Davido.

Judging by the speed of your rise where do you see yourself in 5years?

I see myself where God want me to be, beyond my imagination.

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Adedamola Edun is a Brand manager, Talent manager, PR manager, Showbiz promoter and Multimedia Entrepreneur.

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