You were out of the country for some time; tell us about your experience over there and how it has influenced your music?

Basically, I have been away for a while because I was working, it has always been about the music business for me and the experience has been really awesome.

Can you share us some international acts and producers you worked with while you’re away?

Well, everybody is international as long as your music crosses to people in other countries. I was privileged to work with couple of creative heads in the hip hop scene, producers and artistes which one of them is Tory Lanes on my track Hit and Run, J White the producer, wrote couple of songs for artistes and make sure I keep fine-tuning my sound.

What should your fans expect from the evolving of Sean Tizzle?

I just dropped a song titled “Lotto”; expect more good songs, videos back to back and maybe an album before the end of the year.

Your breakthrough single “Sho Lee” was sort of national anthem for Nigerians at that time, do you think you can still come up with hits to match that single?

(Burst into laughter), for some people “Sho Lee” might be a very good song, for some people it might be some other tracks and to another person it might be “Lotto”, basically I just make good songs. There is no doubt that “Sho Le” was one of my biggest songs but as far as I’m concerned, my best is yet to come.

We have seen you perform on several occasions and we must say every of your songs end up been a hit, how do you do this?

We just do what we can, shout out to the people for accepting the songs because it’s not me but the people.

 Your new song “Lotto” is currently enjoying major airplay, tell us about it?

First of all, let me say thank you to everyone streaming and downloading. Lotto is just one of way of trying to create good music, shout out to the producer “Empire” for the good beat because the beat actually brought about the song.

What has changed about you?

Definitely. A lot has changed and will still change. In, Life you just try to get better over and over again. It’s evolution.

With the latest trend of Zanku and Shaku Shaku songs, should your fans expect something of such from you?

Well I think its just a dance, it a dance that can go on any song if you dance it well. Just make your good music.

With the ovation and reception, you received at your just concluded concert; “TheSeanTizzleExperience” at the African Shrine, do you think you still got the attention you used to get before the break?

Well, that was first of its kind we have never had anyone of that before, thanks to everyone that came out and shout out to all the artistes that came to support me. It was really a good one, look out for the next one and it’s going to be better.

Take us to your new project; what are you working on?

I am working on an album because I have dropped an EP before, just trying to work more on some new body of works.

 What should we expect from it?

Expect maybe 10 tracks on it and until the work is done you will get more information about it.

 With the continual influx of new talents in the music industry today, what are your advices for them?

Just do what you do and believe in God.

If you could turn back time and change something about your music career, what would that be?

No I don’t want to change anything and I really not have the power to change anything.

 Who’s your biggest motivation in the music industry?

Almost everyone making good music is my motivation and there are a lot of people making good music right now.

 One word for your fans?

Stay safe; stay alive because I need you.