Adéola (SMD) Wins First Inaugural REEAL Awards “Afrobeats Artist of the Year”

In an unforgettable night celebrating the best in Afrobeats music, Adéola St. Matthew-Daniel (SMD)has been honored with the prestigious “Afrobeats Artist of the Year” award at the inaugural REEAL Awards. This landmark achievement not only marks a significant milestone in Adéola’s career but also highlights his influence and impact on the global music scene.

A Night to Remember

The REEAL Awards, designed to recognize and celebrate the talents and contributions of artists in the Afrobeats genre, saw Adéola taking center stage. His win is a testament to his exceptional artistry, dedication, and the unique sound that has resonated with fans worldwide.

The Afrocology World Tour

As Adéola continues to soar, he is currently on his highly anticipated Afrocology World Tour. Named after his critically acclaimed album, “Afrocology,” the tour is a vibrant celebration of culture, rhythm, and storytelling. Fans around the globe have been treated to electrifying performances, showcasing Adéola’s dynamic stage presence and the infectious energy of his music.

New Music Singles

Adéola’s creativity shows no signs of slowing down. Alongside his tour, he has been releasing a series of new music singles, each track further solidifying his position as a leading figure in Afrobeats. His latest singles have received rave reviews, with audiences eagerly anticipating every new release. These tracks not only embody the essence of Afrobeats but also push the boundaries, incorporating diverse influences and innovative sounds.

A Bright Future Ahead

Winning the “Afrobeats Artist of the Year” award at the REEAL Awards is just the beginning for Adéola. As he continues his Afrocology World Tour and drops new music that captivates audiences, there’s no doubt that his star will continue to rise. His journey is an inspiration, and his music is a powerful reminder of the richness and vibrancy of Afrobeats.

Join the Celebration

Stay tuned for more updates on Adéola’s tour dates and new music releases. Join us in celebrating this monumental achievement and be part of the movement that is redefining Afrobeats music. Follow Adéola on his social media platforms and streaming services to stay connected with the latest from this extraordinary artist.

Congratulations to Adéola for winning the first inaugural REEAL Awards Afrobeats Artist of the Year”! Here’s to many more milestones and musical masterpieces ahead.

Stay tuned and keep vibing with the rhythms of Afrocology!