Aisha Sally Mirrors Self In New Book, WHY JOS?!

Rising Nigerian author, Aisha Sally has invited readers for a private conversation to interact on a personal level with her new book, Why Jos?.

For her, every single person is a story yet to be shared, adding, “We are all an embodiment of varied experiences.” The book seeks to correct, teach, inspire and motivate million of readers globally.

The book, it was learnt reflects Aisha Sally’s personal story; her memoir as she shares her experience in a way that has not been told before. “It is easy to read and comprehend while connecting with the author through the varied locations, emotions and situations.

Aisha Sally is a voice for a lot of groaning and grieving teenagers, young ladies, women and mothers whose cries are not heard. The book addresses some traditions and beliefs that have become a culture and may need some public scrutiny as it is beginning to endanger a lot of lives emotionally, mentally, psychologically and physically. It is safe to mention that any culture and tradition that poses as a trauma to anyone anywhere is a threat to human existence everywhere.

Culture should be a badge of pride not a bomb vest strapped on anyone.

Life has evolved so much especially with the infusion of technology.

As our parents desire to pass on the beliefs and traditions of our forebears, there is the need for equilibrium of communication.

The act of transference of culture can be creatively and interactively done without shoving it down the minds of the next generation.

The book is a relay of the typical lifestyle of this corner of Africa. It exposes our societal ills, corrects family vices while teaching social networking amongst young people.

This book is an eye opener for men and fathers. It helps women and mothers to be sensitive and sensible and a generic tutorial for young minds.

I can assure you that this is one book you would read more than once and gift to your loved ones.

As you travel with the author in the pool of emotions, do well to pick your lessons and be entertained.