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Can we meet you? My real name is Tijani Adeshina, I’m a singer and rapper and I go by the stage name TJ GRIN aka Corporate Omo-ita.

What was your education background? I attended Command Children School, down to Command Day Secondary School and I studied Business Administration and Management.

When did music start for you? I started music since when I was in secondary school. Actually Dagrin inspired me, RIP to him.

Why do they call you Corporate Omo’ta? I got the name from the streets because I always fight for my rights. So when I started working in a bank they had to add corporate to it. I think its cool calling me Corporate Omo-ita. I feel good whenever people call me Corporate Omo-ita. You know, corporate thug. That’s what I’m talking about.

You say you started music because of Dagrin, what part of Dagrin inspired you? Dagrin CEO album inspired me a lot. But now, I get more inspiration from Burna Boy. The kind of song he does, drives me more into Afro pop, so for now I’m focusing more on Afro pop music and a little bit of rap.

Apart from Dagrin, which other rapper influenced you? Apart from Dagrin, I will say Oladips, Davolee, Blaqbones and Pele Pele (RIP).

What is your music making process? Whenever I want to make music, I will sit down, pick up my pen, and think about what’s going on around me.

Tell us a bit about your New EP “Grin Vibes”? Grin Vibes EP, is all about me and what’s going on around me. Listening to my EP, you’ll discover that there’s nothing you can’t achieve on your own with the help of God.

How many tracks on the EP? I have 5 tracks in my EP titled “Omo Olope”, “Bami Gbe,” “I get Plans,” “Jawon,” and “Ayo.”

How was the switch from banking industry to music industry? To be sincere I needed more money and I believe I can get more money in the streets while doing music, that’s why I just had to leave the Bank and focus more on my Music entirely.

How has that worked out? It has not been easy but all thanks to God. I’ve been getting support from people that believe in me and they’re supporting me on the street.

How’s the synergy between you and your producer (Rhaffy)? Actually, I chose to work with Rhaffy because he believes in me so much, whenever we’re working together he rubs mind with me for us to achieve the expected results.

What do you think of the music industry and how do you fit in? The Nigerian music industry right now is one the biggest export out of Africa and it’s actually one of the major reasons I had to come up with my EP (Grin Vibes). Afro-pop is the new future, and the future is now.

Your background growing up, and how did it influence you? When I was young, I actually loved going to Arabic school, which we call ile-kewu, I listened to more of Dagrin music back then. So when I started doing music, I have a lot of fans on the street that told me; I’m one of the people who influence them on the street and some of them are the people who are supporting me till date.

What’s next for you? Expect more good music.

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Adedamola Edun is a Brand manager, Talent manager, PR manager, Showbiz promoter and Multimedia Entrepreneur.

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