Going further, he assures everyone especially the people of Bayelsa State for non-violence in the state which has been the trend after every election in Bayelsa and states that the people would feel the impacts and more dividends of democracy.

Highlighting some of APC’s achievements in the state, he lists creation of jobs, canalization projects in Yenegoa, schools, roads, health centers amongst many others. According to Engr. Preye Aganaba, APC stakeholders are for the people and will surely bring more projects into the state.

On his perception of the cabinet members of the president and his charge to the president on appointees, Engr. Preye notes that he is not happy with the people who got appointment previously, as active party members were not considered, and it seemed the opposition party were more in power.

However, he believes this would not reoccur, and is sure the president meant well by his actions, but members of the opposition party stemmed to bring about confusion. Still on it, he states that the mandate of choosing these appointees is left to the president, but change is sure.

Engr. Preye also gave his perception of the election as regards APC’s performance as against the perception of electorates on this election being the worst in recent times. According to him, APC has provided a level plan ground for people to vote in Nigeria.

He recounts how he and other members of his party contested for some post in 2015 and were maltreated and arrested as a ploy by the opposition party. This happened during the period PDP was in power. However, APC has eliminated this maltreatment especially in the region of Bayelsa.

Violence was the order of the day when PDP was in power, and instances can be gotten from the number of deaths recorded in Rivers state during election in 2015 as history will always speak for itself.

Furthermore, he states that APC provided adequate security for the 2019 elections in Odii, and there were no issues. He continues that the post-election violence which was recorded in Odii was carried out by members of the opposition party, however, it was combated by the security forces on ground and with the help of the king.

Comparing election violence between now and then in the region, Engr. Preye notes that facts would show that this election was much more peaceful. ‘APC is working relentlessly to ensure peace and non-violence becomes the new order of the day. There was very minimal violence this year compared to previous electoral years’.

Engr. Preye also spoke of his foundation ‘The Preye Aganaba Foundation’ which was founded in 2015. This foundation has assisted women, youths and widows in Odii. It has empowered these people by training them in fish farming, tailoring, making of confectionaries and then giving them money to establish after training.

The aim now is to extend this statewide, and ensure that everyone benefits. The goal is to be beneficial to the entire masses and not just catchments of a specific political party.

This a way of a saying thank you to Bayelsa people. This foundation has now powered the Grassroot Leadership Forum (GLF) which would run the #RefreshingChangeInitiative. The goal is to meet the needs of the people at the grassroot.

Also, Engr. Preye commends the efforts the president has made in the region. He states that the president did not have leser projects in the South South region and Bayelsa. He highlights the Surelight Protection Jobs in Odii & Yenegoa and also the Niger Delta Development Commission in Bayelsa state as commendable efforts of the president.

According to him, stakeholders are to be held responsible to bring projects to the state as they know more about the state than the president, and the president will surely not say no or decline any suggestion or recommendations brought forward by stakeholders as far as it is legitimate.

He further states ‘the government has done remarkably well, and will continue to do more and bring in more projects to Bayelsa state’.

On the East-West roads, Engr. Preye enlightens that the government is in partnership with Supreme Wealth fund office to fund this project. He also states that strategies and logistics for such projects actually do take time, but will be done with time. He assures that the East-West road will be done in a year.

Talking about the APC party in Bayelsa state, he says the party is all about team work and every member is empowering themselves to work together and not turn out to be warriors.

He says stakeholders of the party have agreed to put structures in place to build the party, and that there should be no doubt about the party being united. He assures that although issues are bound to arise, they would be duly settled in-house.

Talking about insecurity on the East-West road such as kidnapping and robbery, he states that it is the job of the governor of each state and not that of the president. Going by his words, ‘It is the job of each state governor to use available security forces to tackle these issues. The president only intervenes when state of emergency is declared’.

The APC is out for the growth of everyone, and the party’s light will surely not dim anytime soon. 






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