DIINNA : “My Music gives this intense feeling of Pleasure and Happiness”

Born Ilori Divine Ifeoluwa, professionally known as DIINNA emerged into the music scene with a dynamic blend of talent and resilience. DIINNA’s early musical journey began at the tender age of 8, playing drum set and violin in church. By 13, she assumed the role of the head of the media department in her church, foreshadowing her leadership and creative abilities.

Her educational pursuit led her to Kwara State University in 2018, where she earned a BSc degree in Computer Science with Second Class Upper honours. DIINNA’s commitment to service was evident during her National Youth Service in Ilorin, Nigeria, in 2023. Venturing into the music industry as a DJ in 2019 at Kwara State University, she quickly gained recognition as the Celebrity “DJ Dina”, distinguishing herself as the only female DJ in the institution and state.

DIINNA found solace in music, expressing her emotions through the drumbeats and melodies she crafted. Through crafting numerous song covers and channeling her life’s experiences into heartfelt poems in her journal, DIINNA’s unwavering commitment captured the attention of Ora Records, which got her into an exclusive label deal, marking a significant milestone in her musical journey.

Inspired by the renowned artist Billie Eilish, DIINNA’s versatility shines as she refuses to be confined to a specific genre, considering herself a universal artist.

In an interview with Tola Adebayo of Simple Tv, she spoke about her upbringing and her new music titled “Good Life.”

Read excerpt:

Can we meet you?

I’m Diinna, a singer/song writer from Nigeria, I am 21 years old, and I officially started my entertainment journey as a DJ before transitioning into a singer full time.

Tell us a bit about your childhood?

It was the usual upbringing, I grew up in a spiritual home, my dad a pastor and my mom a deaconess, which means I grew up in a spiritual home.

How did you get into djing from a religious home before going into singing?

I came across DJ Cuppy online when I first got my android phone, I loved her energy and I liked what I saw. I told my mom about it and after so much warnings and conditions I was permitted to go ahead.

DIINNA is such a cool stage name. Where does it come from?

While brainstorming name ideas for my DJ career and I came up with DIINNA.

Did djing influence your transition into music?

I would not say there was a major influence to sing from djing. The inspiration came from me discovering Billie EIlish online, I loved her sound and I could relate, I started writing songs like that and it all kicked off from there.

What are some of your earliest musical memories?

Being in the choir in church, I played the violin and the drum set and I can say my whole love for music started from there.

How will you describe your kind of music?

I will say it’s euphoric; it gives this intense feeling of pleasure and happiness.

Tell us about your new single “Good Life”, what’s it all about?

There’s this prayer my mom always pray for me “music will bring you good life” and I turned it into self-affirmation anytime I woke up, it was only fair for me to speak that prayer into existence with my first song.