Bella Shmurda Honours Mohbad’s Memory with New EP “R2 Sept 12”

Following the release of the poignant single, Loner last month, Bella Shmurda returns with a full-fledged project dedicated to his late friend, Mohbad. The new EP, titled ‘R2 Sept 12‘ – a clear reference to the date of Mohbad’s passing in September 12, 2023, is a heartfelt tribute from one brother to another.

Since Mohbad’s demise, the music industry has felt a void. Bella Shmurda, however, has chosen to use his music as a powerful form of grief therapy, pouring his emotions into songs that resonate deeply with fans who shared the collective pain. R2 Sept 12 is the culmination of this artistic journey, a five-track emotional tribute.

The project delves into Bella Shmurda’s raw and unfiltered grief. The first, second, third, and fifth tracks are an exploration of his personal loss, a sonic manifestation of the pain he carries. Each song on these tracks is likely to be a unique expression of his struggle to come to terms with Mohbad’s absence.

However, the fourth track offers a glimmer of hope. Here, Bella Shmurda is joined by the dynamic duo of Zlatan and Jeriq. Together, they create an upbeat and energetic Ogene-infused track. It’s a momentary break from the grief, a chance to remember Mohbad with a smile, before diving back into the emotional depths of the other tracks.

R2 Sept 12 is definitely more than just an EP. It’s a showcase of Bella Shmurda’s vulnerability and his unwavering love for Mohbad. With each track, he invites listeners to share in his journey of grief while celebrating the life of a prodigy who left a mark on the industry. The project promises to be a deeply personal experience for fans, a chance to connect with Bella Shmurda’s emotions and pay their own respects to the memory of Mohbad.