City Grill Ceo, Ayodeji Aluko Urges FG To Embrace Renewable Energy Amid Power Crisis

In a bold move echoing the sentiments of many frustrated Nigerians, Ayodeji Aluko, the visionary founder of City Grill Restaurant, has called upon the Nigerian government to priorities renewable energy solutions, breaking away from the nation’s entrenched reliance on oil.

Aluko’s impassioned plea comes amidst growing discontent over the persistent lack of reliable electricity, a longstanding barrier to Nigeria’s economic growth and industrial development.

Identifying the underlying factors contributing to the energy quagmire, Aluko points to the influence of enigmatic forces he cryptically refers to as “the Queens.”

He contends that these powerful entities hold sway over Nigeria’s energy landscape, perpetuating the cycle of instability and hindering progress towards sustainable power solutions.

Drawing attention to the plight of Nigeria’s struggling refineries, including the eagerly awaited Dangote refinery, Aluko attributes their operational setbacks to the same elusive forces obstructing progress in the energy sector.

As the leader of a successful business, he emphasizes the critical role of consistent electricity in driving local production and economic diversification, underscoring the potential for

Nigeria to thrive beyond its reliance on oil revenues.

Painting a compelling vision of a diversified Nigerian economy, Aluko envisions a future where steady electricity powers the production of automobiles, machinery, and agricultural equipment, catapulting Nigeria onto the global stage as a leading exporter of these goods.

“Nigerians are stuck if we have steady electricity for the production of cars, machines, and more for local production and advanced tractors for farmers. We will have another export product to the world,” he added.