Improvement In The Tourism Sector Will Massively Boost The Events Industry: Media Personality, Mc And Tv Host, SimplyMhoses Weighs In

A recent surge in the tourism sector of multiple African countries, during and following the conclusion of the AFCON 2023 tournament showed a significant boost for the events industry of those countries. It was especially palpable for that of AFCON host, Cote D’Ivoire and underdogs, Cabo Verde.

In that light, popular Master of Ceremonies, media professional and TV Host, Adeyemo Moses, professionally known as SimplyMhoses believes that the Nigerian event space can benefit from similar unfolding dynamics in the immediate and near future if the tourism sector is positioned and given more attention.

At a time when international borders are increasingly dissolving through travel, that rise in tourism directly feeds into a vibrant events scene. “When people travel, they aren’t just looking for sights; they’re seeking experiences. And what better way to immerse in a culture than through events?” says SimplyMhoses.

Recognized for his poise, spontaneity and versatility, the native of Osun has mastered the art of occasion and media, dazzling at functions and interviewing esteemed personalities – bringing a distinctive flair to each project spanning the African continent. His client list is nothing short of impressive, including heavyweights like MTN Nigeria, Guinness Nigeria and even the Lagos State Government. With almost a decade-long portfolio of success, a pan-African outreach and client base, combined with a passion for memorable storytelling, the under-30 media and event guru has become a sought-after personality in the events and media industry.

Blessed with a keen eye for what captivates people, SimplyMhoses understands the symbiotic relationship between tourism and events. “Events are the soul of tourism, and everyone knows that no one does socials like Nigeria,” He elaborates while reminiscing about the events that took him beyond Nigerian borders, revealing the incredible potential for cross-pollination between industries. “With increased travel, there’s a heightened demand for events that tell a story, that celebrate uniqueness and diversity,” Adeyemo emphasized.

The linkage between tourism and the events industry is a kin to a marriage where both parties can thrive from each other’s success. Tourism opens the gates for various types of events: from festivals that celebrate local culture, to international conferences, and everything in between.

With landmarks such as the Zuma Rock, the mystical charm of Osun Sacred Forest, and the bustling city scapes of places like Lagos and Abuja, the nation has an attractive mosaic of culture and beauty that beckons worldwide explorers. “The trend is clear; tourism in Nigeria can sprint ahead.” He enthused.

Much like the tourist hotspots, Nigeria’s event industry exhibits unrivalled potential. Events like the Lagos Theater Festival, Ake Book Festival, and Calabar Carnival beckon tourists from afar, offering a taste of the rich Nigerian culture, further illuminating Adeyemo’s point of convergence for both sectors.

Adeyemo’s perspective stems from his substantial local and international experience, where he has witnessed the transformation of local events into global spectacles and the increase in social currency, perception and economy. These are the sorts of experiences that can put a place on the map, not just as a destination but also as a hub of vibrant cultural exchange.

As a graduate of Graphics Arts, Creativity is at the heart of Adeyemo’s proposed solutions. “We must innovate our way into a robust events industry that can ride the tourism wave,” he says. This includes developing event packages that integrate local tourism activities to international standards, offering a holistic experience to visitors.

Global observation comes into play as he highlights best practices from countries that have married tourism and events successfully. “Studying models from nations like South Africa or the UAE can help us craft bespoke solutions that fit our unique culture and market,” he observes.

With Nigeria’s entertainment industry — Nollywood and Afrobeats — catching global attention, there is an opportunity here to use these platforms to introduce Nigeria to the world as a premiere events destination. Collaboration between the government and private sectors is also crucial. Policies that encourage tourism development, like eradication of insecurity, interstate infrastructural upgrades, visa-on-arrival programs, tax incentives for event organizers, and promotional campaigns highlighting Nigeria’s attractions, can serve as catalysts.

The tourism sector’s improvement is a game-changer for event professionals like SimplyMhoses, who thrive on capturing and amplifying the essence of cultures via events to an audience from all corners of the globe. It’s an era of connectivity, and Adeyemo, like many of his colleagues, stands at the forefront, ready to harness this wave.