Davolee Releases New Song “PLAY” Off His Soon To Be Released Debut Album

Born Shokoya Oluwasegun David popularly known as Davolee for his lyrical prowess with word proficiency. Birthed and bred in the embers of Nigerian underprivileged underground and it reflects in his music and vocal texture. Hustling his way into the music industry as a young promising rapper, Davolee has been able to rise against all odds to become a lyrical beast on any beat.

Rodo as he’s fondly called has proven himself to be an unpredictable artiste, highly diversified and multi-talented.

His new single titled “Play” is one of the most anticipated song from his forthcoming debut album, the song reflects a happy vibe tune that fits into every Lagos party lifesty樂威壯 le, a happy tune for happy times regardless of the negative vibe that surrounds our daily lives its necessary to playing have fun.

Davolee is set to release his debut album this month of November. The 15-track album encompasses a good number of conscious music which represents his own bag of emotions from love, motivation, the situation of the country, his music journey and vibes all round.

The entire Davolee’s discography is filled with songs acceptable on the street and mainstream, he seems to be looking sharp, not ready to rest from making power moves in the music industry.

Davolee’s “Festival Bar” was a commercially successful rap project among other rap-hit songs to his name. Who would have thought the same artiste who did “Festival Bar” is the same artiste who sang “Way” which was a major hit in the industry and recently he dropped “Happiness” one of the most talked about and commercially successful song in 2021.

No doubt, Davolee has come a long way in the music industry and this forthcoming debut album release is timely. Fact is, it makes sense to expect a great body of music work from Davolee.

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