Okal Is Not Your Average Artiste. She’s Much More

Exciting Afro-soul highlife singer; Okal stands tall, says she is “More Than An Artist Believe It Or Not, Time Will Tell”

Afro-soul highlife singer, Okal reflects on her journey, appreciating her “MillionDollar” fans, citing 2019 as the year she felt recognized the most for her work in the industry, shining and enjoying her run with singles “Cost A Thang”, “Lover Boy” and “Spectacula” before the Covid-19 pandemic struck.

While waiting on the lockdown to rollover, Okal started her own agency “Milliondollar Ideas Limited”, offering promotional services to specifically upcoming and fast rising artistes. She says her agency “has every intention to expand to bigger lists of artistes with time”.

One of her motivations for Milliondollar Ideas Limited was the need to allow talented creative to push their crafts independently and not always have to sign a contract.

She stated her observation of a fundamental problem with the way Nigerian music industry is structured, upcoming creative in the music industry might never get heard for lack of a brand or the right guidance, which is not readily available in any way. Hence, the option of consultancy by Milliondollar Ideas Limited, working to maximize the potentials of young, upcoming artistes, providing the right guidance and branding advice.

On her mus犀利士5mg ical activities between 2020 and now, Okal says she has been doing a lot of collaborations to keep her listeners entertained. She collaborated with Dj’s and producers in her circle to explore the depth of her sound.

Okal says she has so much music to share with the world and has got plans for her debut body of work, and a whole lot of collaborations in place for the year 2021. The Afro-Soul Highlife Singer Is Back With A New Single Titled “Thinking”.

Thinking is a controversial song that features a one-sided conversation of a lover analyzing a relationship that seems to be filled with lies and disguise. Hopes & Prayers Does Not Seem Yield Any Good Result, Acceptance Seems To Be The Lovers Only way to find peace.

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