Dj Fizzy Drops New Single “Azulbike” After The Conclusion Of His African Tour

Nigerian Disc Jockey and Entertainer, Hafiz Agbabiaka, professionally known as DJ Fizzy, has expressed excitement on his tour of different clubs in Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria.

While speaking about the tour, he expressed excitement at the outcome of the tour and the level of support he got from his fans and even the students of the clubs and schools he visited, adding that it was a positive sign for his career.

According to him: “My African Tour of South Africa was something really special“. I played in clubs like Club Montana, Club Sumo, Club Obitz, Club The One, Club Coco and Hi Level Lounge, as well as Lagos Party in Nairobi, Kenya. It was truly exciting and eye opening. People were jamming to my songs and mixes like never before, and I never knew of such acceptance of my sound before now.

“Coming down to my home, I organized the Unstoppable Campus Tour 2023 in Lasu & Ibadan Poly, and it was awesome as well. As you know that I’m passionate about serving world-class sounds, I put in the work that always yields positive reviews.

“I have faith in my drive and skill to develop distinctive sounds that will rule the market for a very long time. “I’m overjoyed with the direction my career is going. I’m incredibly appreciative of the support I’ve received thus far from my fans and I’m astonished by how much this tour has taught me. I’m confidant that I’m on the correct path and that my future is promising.”

Speaking on his new song “AzulBike”, featuring Shoday, Cheesy Vibes & Berri Tiga. Dj Fizzy said, “As you know I enjoy listening to wonderful music, and I have the ability to create sounds that will enhance any occasion. My main goal always is to make sure that everyone who hears my music enjoys himself or herself, so my new single will be totally worth your while, with the unique sound, wonderful lyrics and amazing artistes I featured.”

Furthermore, he reiterated his desire and passion to rule and reign in the industry. “I remain one of the best DJ in the country and I am determined to continue to take my career a notch higher while providing my unique sound.”