Sex-For-Roles Is One Of The Things Scaring Many Talents Away From Nollywood – Abidemi Adisa

Beautiful and Talented Abidemi Adisa is one of the new crops of talent rocking the Yoruba arm of the Nigerian movie industry popularly known as Nollywood. Within her short entry, she’s been able to carve a niche for herself through her versatility and ability to interpret roles given to her.

Her passion for the movie industry makes her take acting up as a career.  She speaks on her foray into the industry, “My passion for the make-believe industry drove me into acting. I always appreciate how great actors interpret roles and make people believe it is a real occurrence. This greatly influenced my decision to take up acting as a career”.

Abidemi Adisa learned the rudiments of acting under the veteran actor, Mr Saidi Balogun and she had starred in quite a number of movie productions such as: Violence part 1&2, Bisola Peperenpe, Tani, Drotimi, Ire, Asiri Pepe, Akete, etc. The delectable actress also had 3 movies she had produ犀利士 ced herself namely Ota, Ojiji Ife, Bidemi Jagba 1 & 2. 

The graduate of International Relations from the Hudegbe North American University in Benin Republic lends a voice to the controversial Sex-For-Role issue that usually plague the movie industry. Here is her reaction, “It sure does exist and it is one of the things driving many talented people away from the Nigerian movie industry. This is not even limited to actresses, but men too are sometimes victims. But we can’t stereotype Nollywood for this because it sure does exist in other Industries as well.”

“Luckily for me, no one has ever asked me for sex for a role because I’m not desperate for stardom”, she added. 

Abidemi who is a fashionista herself is also a fashion entrepreneur. She sells clothes aside from pursuing her acting career.

The talented actress is currently working on a new project she’s planning to shoot in the United Kingdom and Nigeria. The title is “Iku Ore”. It is a story of a lady that pleases her friend in every way but who doesn’t care about herself.