Kenyan Multidisciplinary Artist Bakhita Drops Self Produced Single, “After Two”

Kenyan non-binary and multifaceted artist Bakhita shares their new self-produced single, “After Two.” The single follows yet another self-produced head-nodding and bop-heavy track, “DECAY-ATTACK-RELEASE.”

Known for their captivating blend of Neo Soul, Disco, Urban Jazz and Afro Funk, Bakhita envelopes their fans in a love song that delves into the early stages of romantic relationships. They talk about the giddy and electric feeling when you start knowing your partner deeply.

 The vocals and lyrics deploy meaning to the theme of the song, showing what it feels like to desire the freedom to spend more time with a new romantic partner whenever you have a chance to. 

However, “After Two” is also a silent nod to the sapphic distress experienced when you are beginning to fall in love. Simply, Bakhita is talking about the joy and excitement in finding a fulfilling queer romantic relationship with someone, especially since celebrating queer love is culturally frowned upon in Kenya. The song’s rap section, coupled with their lyrics expound on the subject matter

All the tracks I am currently working towards touch on different queer African experiences; Finding acceptance within, queer love (through a scope free of sexualization), the power of community, unapologetically showing up as yourself, living your truth in a homophobic country, and the celebration of Queer life.” – Bakhita

As a multifaceted artist, Bakhita wrote, arranged, produced and performed “After Two,” borrowing the assistance of KIMINA who mixed and mastered the track. 

As they continue to challenge stereotypes and discrimination towards marginalized and queer voices, Bakhita enrolled in a production course last September to help them take creative control of their craft. So far, they have self-produced two tracks that are a testament of their evolving craftsmanship

“The body of work I am currently forging will sonically and lyrically and visually express and demand recognition of the vibrance of Queer Kenyan Culture, in hopes of propelling myself and our community on to the international stage.”