The founder of Gidilag Entertainment has jumped on the trending Big Brother Naija bandwagon to give an in depth description of the personality clash that seems to be taking place in the house between the housemates. In a statement by Mr. Adeshola Alebiosu, he stated that there is no how you can have a certain number of adults in an enclosed space for a duration of about 3 months without seeing a display of clashes in the personalities of the individuals, thus, resulting to supremacy war. Deciding to further buttress on this statement, Mr. Adeshola decided to use 2019 Big Brother Naija as case study for analysis.

He further goes on to state how at the start of the show, there were 21 housemates in the house. However, elimination has been done and 2 were evicted, thus, limiting the number to 19 housemates. The founder of Gidilag Entertainment says to understand the supremacy war that is panning out, you need to understand the personality being described by each housemate, and he gives his unbiased opinion on them. He however states that he is team nobody and his description should never be mistaken as bias.

According to Mr. Adeshola, Mike is a cool happy-go-lucky. Despite being a married man and an international star, he tries all his possible best to be extremely humble and down to earth. A guy of such status is supposedly to come off as cocky but the reverse is the case with Mike. Moving on to Jeff, he describes Jeff as someone whose stance can never actually be determined. At some times, Jeff is here, and at other times, Jeff is there. He seems like someone who would move ships to wherever favors him, but keeps a calm exterior to come off as an innocent person who cannot kill a fly. Talking about Kim, he simply has the word manipulative to describe her and this is no wonder as she already stated that in her introduction video. Omashola is your house clown who effortlessly puts a smile on the faces of the housemates, viewers and biggie himself wherever he is. However, Omashola has anger, which often times is actually justifiable but needs to be tamed. Diane was next on the list to be described, and she was described as an intelligent cute face that has actually not fully unleashed. Mr. Shola feels underneath her quietness, she has a wild side and is one not to be tried. Mercy was described as a freehearted lady who is not afraid to take the bull by the horn. Seyi was described a bit more similar to Mike, but on the more vocal side. Seyi is an intelligent guy who also does not let his family status get to him, he is always already to take on responsibilities and often comes off as a guy who talks too much, and he also has anger. The ‘bromance’ of Tuoyo, Sir Dee and Nelson was also described by Mr. Shola as he called them a unique trio who always look out for themselves, and are a bit on the quiet side. Thelma is described as the life of the party although thick headed. Tacha see herself as the queen bee of the house according to Mr. Shola, Gedoni is described as one who has not let out everything about him; he is on the quiet side and usually seems to shy away from responsibilities. In a way, Adeshola Alebiosu describes Ella as someone who has assumed mother hen position of the house, and always wants everything to go her way. Khafi seems to have a clique mainly with Gedoni and Jackye and Mr. Shola says he might be right or wrong, but Khafi and Jackye might as well be described as the gossips of the house despite their quiet nature. Esther to him is a lady who may seem to stick to the shadows, but is an instigator at certain times. Ike has a goofy personality and is also lousy. He described Frood as someone whose exact personality cannot be pin pointed, but he sure loves the ladies.

After dishing out the descriptions, Mr. Adeshola Alebiosu throws out a question asking ‘don’t you see how these personalities in a confined space goes in tune with the pepper dem theme?’ He goes on to say how he saw week 1 as an initiation stage of the housemates just getting to know each other despite little clashes, and how the real ‘gbege’ started in week 2. The supremacy war itself to him can be seen in the preparation for the play they have on Thursday.

In the course of preparation, we’ve seen and unseen. Despite handing out roles, everyone seemed to have an input to override that of the other person. Ella wants all attention on her, and Kim seems to find faults. Tacha also wants to be center of attention as she tells them that no one is up to her level. Seyi has a tendency of getting overwhelmed with the stress of the directing responsibility he took up and tends to walk away or lash out in anger. Ike is usually restless while some others do not even pay attention. Some wants their idea to be it, while others go to bad talk the idea of others. All these and more were observed by Mr. Adeshola as instances were supremacy wars prevailed.

He notes that it is high time these housemates realize that they have weeks more together and in as much as they are all playing the game, collaboration is also needed in order to have a conducive environment for living. He also comments on how more drama is to be expected from the housemates as social media has been ablaze from the drama so far, and there are still weeks of pepper to come. He ends by saying many people might be saying they have not been seeing pepper on the show, but they just have not watched it well.