Tokunbo and Henry Nasamu, Founders of EmoryGreen LLC Pampers Widows, Single Women and Petty Traders

Tokunbo and Henry Nasamu, founders of EmoryGreen LLC, have joined forces to pamper widows, single women, and petty traders. The gesture, which is said to have been a dream of theirs, has finally come to fruition, as there is no better time to give back to the hard worker and backbone of most households.

Tokunbo Nasamu stated that they chose to do this for these women because they barely make enough money to pamper themselves. “These women work so hard and barely make enough to feed the family; they do this every day,” she says. They make all the money but spend almost none of it on themselves. They don’t have any salon appointments, spa dates, or dinner dates; they simply cannot take a break. Seeing them go about their lives and thinking about these as a routine until their children can afford it, with most of them being too old, sick, or not even alive to experience such made me decide to do this for the people I can”. I just want them to relax and be taken care of.

The Nasamu’s contacted the selected women through various NGO’s that already support them to bring these women together. It was a day of pampering, food, entertainment, and gifts. All of the women were given new clothes for their wardrobes.

Mrs Oluwaseun Olujimi, one of the hangout attendees and a recipient of the Nasamus’ generosity, stated, “I feel lifted, light, and my burden for today is lifted. My husband died seven years ago, and raising four children has been difficult. We don’t always have enough food, and I still know people whose situations are worse because they don’t have anywhere to go. With the current state of the country, I’m sure it must have cost them a lot of money to do this.” I ask God to bless this business.”

Another beneficiary Mrs Beulah Agwu, who has been widowed for five years, stated, “This is a release from my trauma. I am constantly preoccupied with work and how to care for my children. I was actually persuaded to attend this hangout by her friend, a decision I am so glad I made because I greatly enjoy myself; it is an escape I had no idea she needed. I advise older widows to take time out to breathe and care for themselves, as they require stability and strength to carry on for themselves and their children. If their children become ill, they can provide assistance, but if they become ill, they and their children become helpless and more vulnerable.”

She thanked Emory Green Limited for their initiative and urged them to continue because it truly put a smile on her face and made her dance on her feet.

When asked if they intend to form an NGO, Nasamu stated that this is likely to happen; however, they will almost certainly collaborate with other non-governmental organizations to reach out to and pamper more of 
these women.

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