Wren Regent Properties CEO; Amara Musa expands horizons, diversifies into the home fragrance industry with Nakama

The Nigerian luxury market has welcomed a captivating addition with the launch of , a prestigious home fragrance brand that aims to redefine the sensory experience within Nigerian households and offices. Offering a diverse range of scented candles, reed diffusers, room sprays, and candle care accessories; NAKAMA introduces a new level of sophistication to the local market while leaving a positive impact on the economy.

A Fragrant Arrival

NAKAMA’s arrival in the Nigerian market marks an exciting milestone for luxury home fragrance enthusiasts. With meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to quality, NAKAMA’s product line captivates the senses, elevating the ambiance and transforming homes into havens of indulgence and serenity. Each fragrance is carefully curated, drawing inspiration from the rich cultural tapestry, ensuring that every product tells a unique olfactory story.

Economic Growth Catalyst

Beyond its sensory allure, NAKAMA’s presence in the Nigerian economy brings forth significant positive impacts. Here’s how the brand’s launch contributes to economic growth:

Job Creation: As NAKAMA establishes its foothold in the luxury home fragrance market, it creates employment opportunities for a diverse range of professionals. From manufacturing experts and artisans to marketing specialists and retail associates, the brand’s growth drives job creation, thus reducing unemployment rates and fostering economic stability.

Supply Chain Development: NAKAMA’s entry into the luxury home fragrance market bolsters the development of the supply chain ecosystem in Nigeria. By engaging with local suppliers and partnering with artisans, the brand establishes mutually beneficial relationships, fostering a network of collaboration and driving the growth of small-scale businesses.

Brand Recognition and Export Potential: With its dedication to excellence, NAKAMA’s launch raises the profile of Nigerian craftsmanship and creativity on a global scale. As the brand gains international recognition, it paves the way for increased exports and foreign investment. This not only boosts the country’s economy but also positions Nigeria as a hub for luxury brands and a destination for global luxury consumers.

Sustainable Practices and Social Responsibility: NAKAMA understands the importance of sustainable practices and social responsibility. The brand strives to minimize its ecological footprint by employing environmentally friendly production methods, sourcing sustainable materials, and promoting recycling and responsible disposal of packaging. Additionally, NAKAMA actively participates in community development initiatives and supports local charities. NAKAMA is currently working in collaboration with the DANAM Prime Child Foundation which has a mission ‘to create a positive impact on Education in Nigeria by constructing schools in rural areas that provide a safe, nurturing and inclusive environment. For every purchase of the NAKAMA reed diffusers and scented candles, a portion of the sales is pledged to the DANAM Prime Child Foundation.

NAKAMA’s entry into the luxury home fragrance market in Nigeria brings forth an exciting wave of opportunities for both consumers and the economy. With its exquisite range of scented candles, reed diffusers, room sprays, and candle care accessories; NAKAMA indulges the senses while creating a positive impact on various economic sectors. Through job creation, local manufacturing, supply chain development, and international recognition, NAKAMA contributes to the growth and prosperity of the Nigerian economy. Moreover, its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility sets a high standard for other luxury brands, emphasizing the importance of holistic development. As NAKAMA continues to flourish, it not only enriches the lives of consumers but also establishes itself as a catalyst for economic progress in Nigeria’s luxury market.

CEO Wren Regent Properties

About Amara Musa

Amara Musa is the CEO and Founder of Wren Regent Properties, a leading real estate consultancy in Nigeria that provides luxury and high-end properties in Lagos.

Amara took the real estate world by storm and positioned herself as one of the most enigmatic real estate consultants in Nigeria, and has become a household name to several High Net worth Individuals, companies, celebrities and politicians in providing exceptional service in the Nigerian real estate market.

Amara has now taken a dynamic turn and diversified into the home fragrance industry with the brand, NAKAMA.