Yang is what you’ve been waiting to hear. He is built to move the crowd and hit the topmost numbers anyday anywhere. His soul is deep as his ginger is high.

A genuine breed influenced by a soul to soul commune with many of the greats: Fela Kuti, Bob Marley, Orlando Owoh, Alabi Pasuma, Nina Simone, etc. This range of influences has raised him to be above capable of delivering nearly any genre with grace and ease partly based on the fact that he has honed his performing skills to mastery having leaded a number of urban bands and being a studio-hermit for years.

There is really so much to say about this Yang who is also a graduate of medical biochemistry but we will leave that to you, as the factual taste of his pudding is in the hearing.

His new tune “Ferrari” is a global anthem for all who wants to “get ahead” in life.
What a good vibe to start the year with.

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