Success is a Chain Reaction

Abiodun J. Ojediran, CEO, Climax travels and tours limited sheds light on his intrepid journey to build a greater experience in leisure business.

How would you describe yourself?

I am someone who focuses on humanity. I always think about how my success will make other people successful. I think of success as a chain reaction.

What attracted you to the travel industry?

I love exploration, and I enjoy visiting places I have never been before, so I got attracted to the travel industry.

How long have you been in the travel business?

To be modest, I started even before I established Climax Travel and Tours, so I have been in the business for more than fifteen years, approaching 20.

For someone who makes travel life easy for others, what really is your definition of travel splendor?

Travel splendor is when you are satisfied with your travel experience, and you desire a repeat experience.

From your experience, which destination has the highest amount of visits by Nigerians?

United States of America, United Kingdom and Canada compete for visitations by Nigerians. Those are mostly the needs of my clients.

What were some of the professional challenges you encountered early in your career?

Getting clients to conform to the terms and conditions of our service.

How difficult is it to deal with embassies as a Nigerian?

There is this unfair mindset that embassies have about Nigerians and it influences their attitude toward Nigerians.

Who are your major clients and what keeps them coming back?

Too numerous Like CDQ, Danny S, Clever Jay, Small Doctor, Nice, Idowest, Slimcase, Skally Mental, Qdot, Junior Boy, Arole, Asiri, Baseone, YQ, Skibii, Miss Kizz, Kaydex, Wale Turner, Bode Black, Legelly, Dj Kwise, Dj Rexy, Broda Shaggi, and many musicians, actors, actress, also businessmen and corporate organizations that I can’t mention for the sake of confidentiality.

What do you like most about being a Travel Agent?

It has given me the opportunity to meet so many people of varying classes.

Tell us about the last itinerary tour package which you planned and packaged?

I package UK itinerary tour for musicians that I won’t mention for the sake of confidentiality.

What place do you love to recommend to clients?

USA, Uk and Canada because the average Nigerian will not, experience language barrier while visiting those countries.

What has been your most memorable cruise experience?

I had United Kingdom, United State, Canada, South Africa, Dubai in United Arab Emirate; I love them equally because I gain different beneficial experiences from each destination.

What are your career goals as a travel agent?

To be the major agent of positive reference in the travels industry.

What advice do you have for travel advisors just getting started in their careers?

It’s a challenging industry; they should stay focused, believe in their goals and be honest with clients. Honesty and Integrity counts.

How did you transition into promotions?

With artistes as clients, and climax travel and tours having partnered with OGBC successfully on Adire carnival, AFCOPB, Accra Ghana on Africa festival, I felt we have this passion for entertainment and promotions

Where do you hope to take the promotion business?

As far as my vision can reach, and my vision is definitely limitless

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself as a mentor and model that others in the business will be looking up to.

Any last word?

Look up to God, look inward to discover yourself. Then stretch yourself beyond limitations and unleash your best unto the world.