Humblesmith picked up amapiano tune and mixed it up with Fela-standard Afrobeat to make this new song “Born Champion”.

For a serious artiste in a highly saturated music sphere, every drop of a new song lies the necessity to prove oneself over and over again with exertion of creativity and artistic efforts to new or already existing vibe.

Humblesmith decided to take amapiano to a whole new level with his brand new single, “Born Champion”. This is a track that once again confirms Humblesmith as a product of natural talent and deliberate efforts to please fans.

“Born Champion” is an all-groovy amapiano tune bridged with Afro-beat to “Nigerianize” the South-African invented sound. 

Imagine the fusion of traditional talking drums in an amapiano song, interesting right? That’s what Humblesmith did on this song.

Kudos to music producer, Expectant for exhibiting versatility and using his skills to bring out the “whao-factor” in this song.  Enjoy!!

Listen Below:-