Kashmoney The Force sets Bole Festival on fire in Port-Harcourt

Coming out in flying colors in recent time, is a superstar in the making, someone whom the whole of Port Harcourt will be proud of.

After shutting down the recently concluded annual Bole festival in the city of Port-Harcourt, an event which also played host to Fireboy Dml and other artiste from the city, the love was so real and you could tell that he was born to do this. The well-read rapper seem to be a goal oriented, focused and dedicated young man who doubles as an entrepreneur, humanitarian and the CEO of his record label, EMPIRE DREAMIN RECORDS (EDR).

He is determined to contribute his quota to the entertainment industry, especially in Port Harcourt. Asked how he intend to do that, he said, “he intend to reach out to his community in every way he can to change lives by giving back to the community in his own way, then unite and motivate the younger ones to believe in themselves and pursue their dreams”. “Life is about love and love is living”, he said; “so what is living if what I love cannot improve the lives around me”.

Going back in time, music for him started when he was in secondary school, when he will rap to the beating of hands on lockers and chairs, something very common amongst students when their teachers are not in class. Jokingly called 50 cent then, he will join other friends of his to rap-battle, and on Saturdays they will listen to Rap Culture. He could not hide how he enjoyed his growing up when he crushingly said, “it was amazing growing up as a hip犀利士 -hop head”.

Born Chukuebuka Akaran, the rapper took his stage name “Kashmoney The Force” from his growing up days. Despite been a gifted rapper, he had impressed his colleagues as a business minded young man; hence, they gave him the nickname “KashMoney“. When he opted to do music full time, he shortened the nickname to “Kash” and then added “The Force” to portray how much of a movement he is. Our correspondent asked if music is a career or one of the many side hustle of Kashmoney The Force? He replied saying, “music is a way of life, a way to changing lives and his community too”. He said, even though he is using music as a way to reach out to his community, doing humanitarian aids and so on, he is choosing music as a career. He intends to build a strong and good platform; and so far they are having fantastic results.

With the likes of Omah Lay, Burna Boy and a few other artistes making global impressions, we asked how Kashmoney The Force intends to shine? He said, he is making head way with a different vibe and style. When asked to elaborate, he said, “Music is an idea that comes from the person. A rapper is the person whose standards of life, intelligence, taste and approach to life has nourished his mind overtime, and from the lots he/she has acquired, he/she brings out a vibe to entertain his/her listeners”. He then added that, “if an artiste is real, focused and has good taste, his/her personality will in little or no time attract dedicated listeners which was the situation with Burna Boy“. He said he believes he has the nature and personality as well as the taste to draw his own dedicated listeners, which is why the acceptance of him and his music has been massive. “That is a sign that people are listening”, he said; “I am glad people love his music and brand”. Seeing how intelligently he constructs his responses, we questioned what does good music mean to him? He said, “Good music is a song that can captivate the ears, the heart and soul of the listener. A song with undiluted message, the sort the people in a sphere of civilization can relate with”. “Tupac called it a ghetto gospel”, he added.

Nigeria have profited from young talented and ambitious musicians in recent times and we are glad Kashmoney The Force is joining the list and hopefully he can take the standard to the next level. We look forward to hearing more entertaining songs and society liberating projects of Kashmoney The Force.